Record-breaking results from Oceanology International 2010

Visitors from 75 countries attended the exhibition with its 500 plus exhibiting companies

Surveys and basin analyses for offshore South America

Spectrum and Hamilton Group join forces to develop 2D multi-client surveys offshore South America

ROV for pipeline survey

Fitted to the aft of the Panther XT is the Reson SeaBat multibeam sonar and fibre optic gyro

Metocean monitoring milestone

Fugro GEOS reaches a record total of a hundred simultaneous deployed oceanographic moorings

Hostile wells: the borehole seismic challenge

William Wills discusses some of the basic exploration challenges faced with characterising deep reservoirs in such a high risk, high cost environment, and the requirements of downhole seismic tools to overcome such issues

The challenges of mapping small restricted sites

Carlo Peris and Tom Hiller describe an operation to perform bathymetric and topographic surveys to obtain accurate depth maps

Portuguese subsea services company launches with ROV deal

Rapid role-change during operations is a key feature where intelligent electronics offer a ‘plug and go’ simplicity

A new broadband solution takes to the water

A superior broadband marine seismic solution offers a new combination of leading equipment, unique acquisition techniques and patented de-ghosting and imaging technology to provide better subsurface images. Jo Firth reports

Deeper insight into the subsurface

The rising speed and lowering cost of processing power means that generating a complete synthetic seismic data set is now affordable for individual companies and many times cheaper than an actual seismic survey

Innovative approach to delivering integrated seismic PRM

Stingray Geophysical Limited has adopted an innovative approach to providing integrated seismic permanent reservoir monitoring

Cost and safety drive cable developments

The harsh conditions that cables are exposed to in the offshore environment are making manufacturers focus on ever more durable solutions. Sean Ottewell reports

Integrated navigation and control system

Paul Newman provides an overview of Gator, the navigation and control software for ocean bottom cable surveys

Efficiency drives in a recovering market

After a period of major belt tightening in 2009 we find ourselves at mid-2010 with the marine seismic exploration market showing global activity increasing month-on-month. Neil Grosse reports

Streamer technology improves resolution of data

Keith Forward reports on how the resolution of seismic data is being improved by the use of velocity sensors alongside pressure sensors

Deep ocean sampling and observation

Hydro-Lek's deep ocean sampling and observation system used in discovery of world's deepest undersea volcanic vents

Operating synthetic aperture sonar

Dominic Koe reports on the advantages of using synthetic aperture sonar

ROVs to investigate seabed 'jungle'

Remotely operated vehicles are to be used to survey the 'jungle' of Caspian seabed as new pipelines are laid



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