Subsea success in Equinor’s Askeladd and Johan Castberg field

Jon Lawson

Ashtead Technology has successfully completed a subsea installation monitoring project for Ocean Installer AS in Equinor’s Askeladd and Johan Castberg fields.

The contract saw Ashtead provide its integrated Deflection Monitoring System (DMS) services and equipment to support the installation of eight Integrated Template Structures (ITS) in the fields which are located in the Northern Norwegian Sea.

During operations, the dual independent DMS systems monitored, calculated, displayed and logged structure deflection, heading, pitch, roll, depth and suction can differential pressures, in real-time. This method of monitoring is vital during the placement of suction can-based subsea structures as it ensures any potential issues can be anticipated without delay, reducing the risk of structural damage.

The scope of work took place in quick succession over a 25 day period. This saw the project completed ahead of schedule and resulting in significant cost efficiencies.

During the placement of the structures, the DMS systems were configured for autonomous independent operation, communicating data to one of the installation ROVs. Ashtead utilised a range of measurement sensors and positioning tools along with special techniques to enhance the accuracy of the data collected, ensuring maximum performance of the system.

The Aberdeen-headquartered business provided field engineers to support the operations offshore and were responsible for analysis of data and compiling of installation reports for each of the structures within 24 hours of completion of each structure installation.


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