Underwater training facility adds new course

Bolt tensioning course introduced in response to industry demand

Rise in demand for rental equipment for offshore drilling projects predicted

Industry expert foresees bright times ahead as new developments help reinvigorate the sector

Subsea control and monitoring communications

High-speed, copper-based, multi-drop networks as a viable alternative to fibre optic infrastructures within the subsea production system

Survey-grade inertial systems designed for underwater applications

Ekinox Subsea Series integrates the latest MEMS sensors to offer robust, small-sized, cost-effective, but high performance MRU & INS

Optimising bandwidth key to detailed subsurface imaging

Optimising bandwidth is a key consideration for the numerous new seismic programmes that have just got underway. Sean Ottewell reports

Free fall fish: collecting data while in motion

A computer controlled winch system can collect the profile to a depth of 200 metres while the vessel travels at a speed of 12 knots

Going live with microseismic downhole monitoring

Two recent technology advances are driving the cause of microseismic downhole monitoring

Integrating 2D and 3D yields new insights

Recent software developments are helping utilising legacy 2D seismic data and offer a powerful tool to help locate new drillable prospects quickly. Tony Rebec and Tony Marsh report

Project data management tools for reservoir characterisation services

Reservoir characterisation services are a growing activity, operating either within dedicated or integrated service companies, or as business units within oil and gas companies. Jim Ashford reports

Improving safety and efficiency for multi-vessel seismic surveys

SIMOPS for Seismic aids in planning, monitoring and managing complex seismic operations such as wide or multi-azimuth surveys

Software and services key to seismic data processing

Advances in seismic data processing are being driven by new software and services. Sean Ottewell and Eugene McCarthy round-up latest news from the major players

High-strength tow cables

Use highly specialised steel wire, giving exceptional yield strength and high degree of corrosion resistance

ROV used on sunken WW2 ship

Survey to ascertain whether ship is likely to become an environmental hazard

Improving the accuracy of seismic data

Advances in technologies as diverse as software and compressors are making it easier and faster for seismic survey companies to generate more accurate data

Drive upgrade enhances thruster performance

Upgrade improves the effectiveness and local ability of the ship board maintenance teams

Improvements for positioning subsea vehicles

iSURVEY will be using SPRINT to support a wide variety of multi-beam seabed surveys using deep-rated ROVs

Drive upgrade enhances thruster performance on seismic survey vessels

Upgrade improves the effectiveness and local ability of the ship board maintenance teams



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