Integrating 2D and 3D yields new insights

Recent software developments are helping utilising legacy 2D seismic data and offer a powerful tool to help locate new drillable prospects quickly. Tony Rebec and Tony Marsh report

Project data management tools for reservoir characterisation services

Reservoir characterisation services are a growing activity, operating either within dedicated or integrated service companies, or as business units within oil and gas companies. Jim Ashford reports

Improving safety and efficiency for multi-vessel seismic surveys

SIMOPS for Seismic aids in planning, monitoring and managing complex seismic operations such as wide or multi-azimuth surveys

High-strength tow cables

Use highly specialised steel wire, giving exceptional yield strength and high degree of corrosion resistance

ROV used on sunken WW2 ship

Survey to ascertain whether ship is likely to become an environmental hazard

Improving the accuracy of seismic data

Advances in technologies as diverse as software and compressors are making it easier and faster for seismic survey companies to generate more accurate data

Drive upgrade enhances thruster performance

Upgrade improves the effectiveness and local ability of the ship board maintenance teams

Investment and collaborations drive hydrographic survey companies

Eugene McCarthy reports on how survey companies are investing heavily in new equipment and implementing strategic alliances in order to remain competitive

Drive upgrade enhances thruster performance on seismic survey vessels

Upgrade improves the effectiveness and local ability of the ship board maintenance teams

The future is on the sea floor

Dr Chris Walker argues that the oil industry is about to witness a paradigm shift in the utilisation of both re-deployable and permanently installed ocean bottom data.

ROVs enter the seismic market

Electric ROVs have seen a major shift in both size and work capability

Umbilicals and electromechanical cables

Highly engineered umbilicals, electromechanical cables, synthetic rope and steel cable solutions for use in harsh environments

Air gun umbilical systems

Many seismic survey companies operate air gun umbilical systems obtained from a variety of manufacturers and find it increasingly difficult to maintain or repair them

Internal and external inspection of submerged pipelines

Pipelines are used throughout the world to transport various substances, such as natural gas and oil, over long distances. While pipelines run both over land and sea, Thomas Petersson will focus on submerged pipelines.

Navigation system which uses ring laser technology

Navigation system which uses ring laser technology

Mid-span cable attachment provides superior holding strength and bend protection

Towing multiple seismic arrays in the search for oil requires a reliable, high-strength, mid-span attachment point for paravanes and floats



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