New grades of under-bonnet plastics use recycled content

DSM Engineering Plastics is to commercialise its Akulon RC family of post-industrial recycled grades of PA6 for use in automotive under-the-bonnet applications

Artificial skin protects robots and personnel

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute have made further improvements in skin-type sensors that can be used to provide protection in robotic applications

Antivibration mounts impervious to corrosion

Elliptic leaf spring antivibration mounts are NATO-approved Naval X Mounts for Military Applications

Compact linear modules are lightweight and low-noise

Compared with alternatives, Schunk says its new D 90 compact linear modules offer lower weight, friction-free and noiseless running, and low maintenance

Novel bearing material is superior in corrosive environments

NSK says its ES1 bearing material offers superior performance compared with conventional stainless steels when used in corrosive environments

High-performance thermoplastic copolyester with renewable content

DSM Engineering Plastics' Arnitel Eco material is a high-performance thermoplastic copolyester in which a proportion of the content is derived from renewable resources

Polymer-based materials handle higher temperatures

Quadrant is launching Duratron D7000 PI polyimides and ceramic-filled Peek Semitron MP370 for high-temperature applications requiring machined parts

Reflector glaze increases efficiency of laser systems

Suited to industrial lasers used in manufacturing, says Morgan Technical Ceramics

Ceramic coating technology benefits racing cyclists

Zircotec's process for applying ceramic coatings to composite components is being used to improve the braking of bicycles equipped with carbon-composite wheel rims

Diamond-like coatings now better suited to industrial applications

Diarc is manufacturing a new diamond-like coating in higher volumes to suit a wide variety of industrial applications where friction and wear need to be controlled

Remelt capacity expanded

Sapa Profiles UK Ltd is investing in the remelt facilities at its Tibshelf, Derbyshire, UK, plant

Selector enables hybrid materials to be analysed

Granta Design's CES Selector 2010 offers a new Hybrid Synthesizer add-on tool to enable users to investigate alternative material configurations

Combining plastics with carbon nanotubes

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have devised a new way to treat nanoparticles that makes it easier to mix them with plastics

New materials for vacuum-cast components

MTT is introducing a clear, UV-stable formulation for vacuum casting thick-section or solid parts, and another polypropylene-like material that is heat-resistant

Materials management software benefits from user feedback

Granta Design is releasing Granta MI 4.0, which features new data and capabilities for those working with composites, steel and medical devices

Fibre-reinforced PA66 achieves high surface finish

3B and Lati have developed Latigloss fibre-reinforced Polyamide 66 grades that offer structural strength and a high-gloss surface finish

Shape memory alloy boosts product performance

Designers can take advantage of either the shape memory or superelasticity characteristics of shape memory alloys to achieve dramatic improvements in product performance. Alistair Rae looks at some of the most recent developments and applications for these remarkable materials.

ISO/TR 11360 offers methodology for categorising nanomaterials

ISO has published a new Technical Report ISO/TR 11360:2010, 'Nanotechnologies - Methodology for the classification and categorization of nanomaterials'

High-performance thermoplastic copolyester uses renewable resources

Arnitel Eco is a new bio-based, high-performance thermoplastic copolyester from DSM Engineering Plastics for applications currently using conventional rubbers

New flame-retardant resins out-perform conventional grades

Sabic Innovative Plastics' new Valox ENH resins out-perform conventional grades in terms of flame retardance and mechanical and electrical properties



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