3D printing to help save oil & gas sector money

Scottish start-up will help deliver cost savings to oil & gas by making F1 tech commercially available with £175k Zero Waste Scotland grant

Exploring plasma treatment

Making the case for the ROI of plasma treatment equipment

Testing two component (2K) conformal coating materials

Electrolube put two component (2K) conformal coating materials to the test


New material choices for AM

Elastomers offer greater 3D printing options

CT used for QT

Lighting manufacturer uses computed tomography to boost its quality control

Next-gen NOx detection

Exploring the use of NOx detectors in the area of burners and boilers

The interesting electric future of cobalt

Increasingly this brittle metal is see as more than just a by-product

Cost-effective coatings

New approach delivers compliant painting process for radiators

Unlimited creativity

Case study on how ultrasonic welding enables the design of head coverings for safe and durable toys

All about AMCs

How aluminium-based metal matrix composites are stepping into the middle ground between unreinforced metals and carbon composites

Light composite material created by novel process

‘One-shot’ process creates single continuous reinforced matrix with different regions of reinforcement

AM simulation-driven process software update

This is for powder bed-based, laser beam melting additive processes

What makes a bearing corrosion-resistant?

Considering the bigger picture of cage and lubrication is crucial

Patent heralds new take on hexapod technology

Efforts concentrate on methods to improve precision of 6 Degree of Freedom positioning devices

Increasing ecological sustainability in the plastics market

How suppliers to a number of industries are innovating to favour positive changes



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