Autonomic Materials (AMI) investigate self-healing materials

Trials have proven that this low-VOC waterborne self-healing coating is as good as its more obnoxious solvent-borne cousins

Engineers’ Guide To Etching Metals

Here, Karl Hollis from Precision Micro answers the top questions design engineers should consider.What are the unique characteristics of chemical etching?

When Robotics Meets Metal Additive Manufacturing

Chenlu Fang describes how a robotics team has sought new solutions for improved efficiency and workflow from design to manufacturing



What Are The Advances in Additive Manufacturing materials?

Colin Blain discusses enabling scale for digital manufacturers via an expanded materials portfolio

Can 3D printing save oil & gas sectors money?

Scottish start-up will help deliver cost savings to oil & gas by making F1 tech commercially available with £175k Zero Waste Scotland grant

Testing two component (2K) conformal coating materials

Electrolube put two component (2K) conformal coating materials to the test

Sweden's largest 3D-printer

Digital Mechanics has invested in a Fortus 900MC from Stratasys.

Is this the future of giving patients medicine?

MIT project uses 3D printer techniques with living cells

Is this the future of giving patients medicine?

MIT project uses 3D printer techniques with living cells

TRB announces US manufacturing facility

Unique carbon fibre press-forming process gains popularity with auto makers

How can knots be accurately modelled?

Novel MIT project uses colour to gain insight into knot strength

How to formulate the perfect adhesive

Ramya Sriram from Kolabtree explains

Is this the future of 3D printer scanning?

Scanlab uses smart data-acquisition interface reading many sensors

How to solve our plastic problem

William Brown, Chairman and CEO of American Banknote Corporation ponders the way forward

New glue range from Bostik

Born2Bond sub-brand will initially focus on MECA-based instant adhesives

Is this a world first for reclaimed AM powders?

New process uses millings, turnings and other recycled feedstock sources



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