Can 3D printing save oil & gas sectors money?

Scottish start-up will help deliver cost savings to oil & gas by making F1 tech commercially available with £175k Zero Waste Scotland grant

Plasma treatment - exploring the options

Making the case for the ROI of plasma treatment equipment

Testing two component (2K) conformal coating materials

Electrolube put two component (2K) conformal coating materials to the test



Sweden's largest 3D-printer

Digital Mechanics has invested in a Fortus 900MC from Stratasys.

How viable is additive manufacturing?

Pondering the quality issues surrounding additive manufacturing

Can bioplastic act as a spring board for materials with different properties?

Will tuneable new materials prevent marine pollution like this?

The overlooked evolution in biopolymers

Could a biopolymer made from feedstocks help phase out single-use plastics?

Colour changing materials from the University of Cambridge

Artificial ‘chameleon skin’ is made of tiny particles of gold

Strengthening the supplier-engineer bond

How to minimise project disruption due to trade instability

The need for greener materials in 3D printing

Why sustainable 3D printing filaments are key to reducing waste

Advance in recycled PET thermoplastic honeycomb

EconCore, Ultrapolymers and DuFor work together on developing new material

Could this lead to better artificial muscles for robots?

MIT discovery blends different fibres to produce a rapid reaction

Taking AM beyond the prototype stage

Can 3D printing be used in the manufacture of safety critical vehicle parts?

Can we make carbon fibre from algae oil?

German project will attempt to produce novel new material

Canadian drive to reduce reliance on plastics

Canadian Geographic and the Recycling Council of Ontario join forces

Common pitfalls of ceramic bearings

How to select the right parts for the job

Entering the fourth dimension

How 4D printing is impacting manufacturing



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