Can 3D printing save oil & gas sectors money?

Scottish start-up will help deliver cost savings to oil & gas by making F1 tech commercially available with £175k Zero Waste Scotland grant

Plasma treatment - exploring the options

Making the case for the ROI of plasma treatment equipment

Testing two component (2K) conformal coating materials

Electrolube put two component (2K) conformal coating materials to the test



Sweden's largest 3D-printer

Digital Mechanics has invested in a Fortus 900MC from Stratasys.

Have you got the right bearings?

Terminology confusion could cause equipment failure

Bearing selection for aquatic environments

How the best looking may not be the best choice

How to select bearings for submarine applications

Examining the materials available for such harsh marine environments

Cold curing beats welding for yacht windows

Multi-purpose repair composite used for metal rebuilding

How to mount gas springs effectively

An introduction to spring forces, part 1

What Are The Heat Characteristics Of Graphite?

MIT researchers observe ‘second sound’ in sample

Graphene Chips Produced At Commerical Scale

New manufacturing method could bear fruit within months

Diffusion bonds improved using specialised furnaces

Specialised furnaces with integrated presses provide superior control of pressure and temperature to create better diffusions bonds

Can plasma treatment assist with difficult-to-bond substrates?

Manufacturers can use plasma treatment to alter the surface properties of substrates

Why does open source 3D printing matter for engineers?

Fused Filament Fabrication is becoming an important solution for engineers

Improving The Production Of Othopaedic Implants

Orthopaedic industry is reinventing itself through the use of metal AM processes for production

Which Is Better, 3D Printing or CNC?

When is additive manufacturing more appropriate?

Aluminium versus plastic in the recycling arena

How does the metal fit into the UK’s waste plans?



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