Simple rules to make your simulator worth the investment

No matter how similar to another unit or to the design on paper, a generating unit or process operation ultimately takes on a 'personality' of its own.

Getting the best value smart meter for your money

Utilities and governments must think ahead when planning a smart meter rollout - early obsolescence is an expensive error. Customise and build in future-proofing to stay ahead of the game, advises Mark England

Automating functions at a Peruvian hydropower plant

Automation technology is playing a key part in a new US$25m project to double the capacity of an underground hydropower plant in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes. The result will be reliable electricity supplies for local people and businesses. Sean Ottewell reports

Updated noise mapping software

Improved data handling system, an intuitive Windows-based graphical user interface - and integrated project organisation options

COP17: Reactions from the carbon and climate change industry

Global leaders have until 2017 to devise a legally binding agreement to limit climate change warming to 2degC



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