Process data acquisition system

Paul Boughton

The new IEC 61850 interface of the ibaPDA process data acquisition system, allows for acquiring and recording information according to the MMS standard or GOOSE events from IEC 61850 capable protection devices.

The iba system, supports two functionalities: the client version for pure measurement data acquisition as well as a server version for generating alarm and status messages and transferring them to superimposed control systems. In both cases communication and data exchange will be easier to handle for the user in ibaPDA via the IEC 61850 communication than before with common hard-coded protocols.

The IEC 61850 standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has been established as a solution in the field of switchgear automation. The standard defines communication structures and the object oriented data model for protection and control technology in medium and high voltage switchboards on basis of TCP/IP. The Manufacturing-Messaging Specification (MMS) is the standard for the common client communication; the GOOSE standard is used for transferring events or error messages of a protection device to the control system.

"With the IEC 61850 interface by iba it is now much easier to combine error messages from intelligent protection devices in a digital fault recorder system and to correlate them with other information", explains Dr. Ulrich Lettau, CEO of iba AG.

If the process data acquisition system ibaPDA assumes the client function, it requests data cyclically from the plant and records them. It operates as transient fault recorder that records in case of a triggering of the protection devices the time curves of currents, voltages and binary signals around the event.

When requesting data, either the individual data attributes are accessed directly or complete data sets are read with a single command. Moreover, there is the option to receive a report from the protection device only in case that values in a data set have changed. Hence, in case of a failure a cause analysis can be made in an easy way.

Configuration in the I/O manager of ibaPDA is very easy as the devices connected via the IEC 61850 standardised transfer protocol even designate themselves and communicate information like signal properties and data structures.

In case the server version of the IEC 61850 protocol is installed on the ibaPDA system, it assumes the task of issuing errors and alarm messages to the superior control systems. Hence, the user can forward information from the fault recorder system to the control systems in an easy way.

Caption: New IEC 61850 interface for process data acquisition system ibaPDA allows standardised acquisition of fault messages in electric switchgear

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