Fracking “likely to result in high emissions” - report

New study outlines scenarios for shale gas production in Europe

Update to mobile dust suppression machines

New design features Tier IV final-compliance genset

New coating offers greater weather protection

Oil & Gas operators to benefit from breakthrough



New partnership aims to clean up

Graphene sheet material looks a promising way to treat oil-contaminated water

New cleaning process for oil pipes

The system also proves 100% internal inspection

New content added to oil & gas information system

Elsevier adds more than one million figures and tables to its Geofacets solution

Update on Israeli natural gas industry

Israeli natural gas industry – where do we go now?

Cables for marine use

Latest products in cable range designed for ship and offshore applications

New tool to estimate impact of exploration on marine environment

Central environmental data platform to boost safety of oil and gas exploration in UK waters

Hydraulic oils for arctic conditions

Protect equipment in extremely cold climates, operating at x4 thinner viscosity at -40degC

Collaboration in UK oil and gas decommissioning market

Providing companies with an enhanced solution for current and future decommissioning projects

Developing a unified approach to qualifying CO2 storage sites

Pilot-scale and demo-scale projects are now underway around the world, and project developers are considering taking the next step

Industry urged to act as refrigerant phase-out looms

Many facilities still depend on the refrigerant R22 for essential process cooling. However, the substance is being phased out under EU legislation, creating a major potential problem for those affected

Spot oil spills and leaks with the help of colour coded bacteria

Pollution testing using bacteria is proving to be remarkably robust and reliable. It also does away with the need for noxious chemicals

A life aquatic: ensuring marine diversity

Richard Foote investigates the role of marine biologists in offshore energy developments

Coal bed methane production: success depends on location

While coal bed methane has a promising future in the Far East, things look far less certain in other locations. Sean Ottewell reports



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