Engines & Turbines

Manufacturing big savings

Manufacturing is an energy-hungry industry, requiring huge quantities of both heat and electricity. Therefore it is ideally suited to take advantage of combined heat and power systems, says Nigel Thompson

The perfect pairing

Gas turbines and batteries? Alex Forbes explains why battery systems for grid-scale energy storage are becoming economically viable in optimising the performance of gas turbines

New condition based monitoring system

This offers real-time information via Ethernet or Wi-Fi


CHP installation completed

2.7MW facility now up and running in Derbyshire, England

Smart approach to turbine technology

Jason Horton discusses how to maximise the productivity and minimise the costs associated with wind turbines

CHP ensures a healthy energy mix

Case study on the modernisation of the energy supply concept at Germany’s University of Göttingen and the University Medical School

Revolutionary renovation

Energy from waste plant generator restored to ‘as-new’ performance levels in flawless overhaul

Greener power generating

One rural Canadian community is looking forward to saving around 80,000 litres of fuel per year

Turkish power station reopens

The newly renovated 1,220MW power plant will help meet the energy demand for the European side of the country

First Finnish LNG delivery

Tornio Manga terminal project achieves notable milestone with successful unloading of first supply

Gas-engines in tandem with renewables

Renewable sources of energy with fluctuating output will be supplying an increasing share to the world’s power grids. To support balancing needs, flexible and clean gas engine technology is expected to occupy a considerably larger role, say Dr Harald Gretscher and Kapil Verma

Valve upgrade for natural gas plant

Sarah Kellet reports on valve efficiency upgrades at a CCGT Power Station

Welsh windfarm maintenance contract announced

Gwynt y Môr consists of 160 turbines that generate enough energy for more than 400,000 homes

Minimising running costs for pumps in gas turbine power generation

Alex Myers looks at the latest technology for improving efficiency and reducing operating costs

Optimised designs of rotor bearings for wind turbines

Shaeffler has developed a new, compact bearing unit for moment bearing concepts in rotor bearing supports

Engine equipment heads to Florida

Wärtsilä will supply equipment with a capacity of 94MW for two power plants to the city of Tallahassee in Florida, USA

Optimise gas engine performance

Selecting the right oil can have a major impact on long-term maintenance costs



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