Engines & Turbines

Making wind turbine brake maintenance more efficient

James Woods reveals how wind turbine brake maintenance is becoming more efficient

Steam turbine transformation: Reducing downtime

A steam turbine case study showcases how a power station reduced its downtime by over 35%

The benefits of predictive maintenance of wind turbines and generators

Precision sensor technologies are not only proving their value during the production and testing of wind turbines, but also in the real time condition monitoring of operationally active onshore and offshore wind farms.



New US power plant to use record-setting natural gas turbines

Caithness Energy announces a new natural gas turbine power plant

Tackling emissions challenges with cleaner, greener engines

Paul Dowman-Tucker reveals how to tackle the emissions challenges of today and tomorrow

How to repair and reinstall a cracked steam turbine rotor

Cracked steam turbine rotor repaired and reinstalled with 8% improvement on performance

King’s Lynn power station goes live

New 386MW gas fired installation will power 400,000 homes

First of a new breed of gas engines delivered

Rolls-Royce units settles in new home in the Czech Republic

Edina launches new 10MW MWM genset

New design offers a total efficiency of up to 93 per cent

Residential CHP motor offers a better Genset

Combined heat and power unit from Mahle overcomes traditional obstacles

Battery systems for grid-scale energy storage help performance of gas turbines

Gas turbines and batteries? Alex Forbes explains why battery systems for grid-scale energy storage are becoming economically viable in optimising the performance of gas turbines

New condition based monitoring system

This offers real-time information via Ethernet or Wi-Fi

CHP installation completed

2.7MW facility now up and running in Derbyshire, England

Wind turbines - the smart approach to maximising productivity

Jason Horton discusses how to maximise the productivity and minimise the costs associated with wind turbines

CHP ensures a healthy energy mix

Case study on the modernisation of the energy supply concept at Germany’s University of Göttingen and the University Medical School

Energy from waste plant generator restored to ‘as-new’ performance levels in flawless overhaul

Energy from waste plant generator restored to ‘as-new’ performance levels in flawless overhaul

Wind turbines - how to minimise yaw brake noise

Minimising yaw brake noise on wind turbine generators

Greener power generating

One rural Canadian community is looking forward to saving around 80,000 litres of fuel per year

Turkish power station reopens

The newly renovated 1,220MW power plant will help meet the energy demand for the European side of the country



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