Compact drill rig for underground mines

A new compact drill rig for underground mines, ideal for narrow vein mines,

Blasting engineers learning their trade at Colorado School of Mines

Jon Lawson reports on how technological advances in blasting are being taught to the next generation of engineers

Overcoming problems with hole deviation

A quartzite quarry in Virginia wanted to increase its production and had also been experiencing problems with hole deviation. By Steve Minett



New line of drill bits

These are for severe rotary blasthole applications

Explosives delivery system launched by major manufacturer of commercial explosives

Creating a step change in productivity via the next generation of explosives delivery system

Botswana coal industry is ripe for development

Botswana coal industry is ripe for development, says specialist supplier

New Rotary Blasthole Drill for holes up to 200mm

This is designed to be highly transportable

Drills renamed and upgraded

And a new mast adds to range

New drill rig

This is designed for applications where space is limited

Geothermal interest expands in Europe

Investments in renewable energy drive drilling contracts

Starts with a bang

High-energy bulk explosives deliver mining and milling improvements at Australian hard rock mine

At the cutting edge

Jon Lawson provides a ‘bit’ of news from the drilling sector, spanning advances in software and hardware as well as new rigs making their debut

Longwall roof supports

Caterpillar to supply longwall roof supports to CNX Coal resources mine in Pennsylvania

Hard rock mining advances

Rock Straight System is the first commercial continuous mining and hauling system for underground hard rock applications

Borers: raising the game

Turkka Kulmala explains how a raise borer is defying traditional raise drilling methods and helping a goldmine in Finland surpass the demands of a challenging market

Roof supports to extend longwall

Order for 50 Cat longwall roof supports to extend its Narrabri North longwall from 300 metres to 400 metres

Mining hard rock with longwall efficiency

Low-profile hard rock chain conveyor and hard rock hydraulic roof supports complete the system, which delivers simultaneous cutting, loading and hauling



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