Moving forward to reverse (circulation)

Paul Boughton

Reverse circulation is gaining ground as a preferred technology to collect quality samples in initial exploration, ore body development and in-pit grade control due to its cost efficiency and fast collection of dry, quality samples

Atlas Copco’s Explorac 100 is a reverse circulation drilling rig designed specifically for exploration drilling to depths of 100–200 metres. It combines a compact and robust design with the power necessary for fast collection of quality samples.

The new reverse circulation rig is designed specifically for reverse circulation drilling and other down-the-hole drilling (DTH) applications. It is suitable for exploration drilling to depths of 100–200 metres and has a lifting capacity of 10.5tons.

The Explorac 100 has a rugged and compact design, which makes it easy to move around even in rough terrain. Yet drillers will enjoy the power necessary to get more quality samples out of the ground faster.

Atlas Copco ( can provide a complete solution for reverse circulation drilling, including drilling rig, compressor, booster and drill string.

Features include:

* Rod handling as standard, including a 30-pipe rack.

* A mechanised breakout table with two spanners.

* The operator’s panel is strategically placed on a tripod or carried on the operator’s shoulder.

* Low noise level for improved safety and work environment.

* Tier III, Cummins power pack, 82kW, ensuring fuel-efficient operations

* Hydraulic tank of cyclone type with 30 per cent oil volume compared to conventional tanks, reducing the rig's carbon footprint.

Video: The Atlas Copco Explorac 100 is a reverse circulation (RC) rig for exploration
drilling to depths of 100--200 metres

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