Waste to Energy

Mastering biogas mixing

Biogas mixing pump sets new standards thanks to maximum maintainability

Better biomass boilers: Cracking the code of biomass corrosion

Biomass energy is a hot topic in our current climate. While some operators build new biomass-fired boilers, others retrofit old coal-fired boilers to burn biomass



New EFW plant in Cheshire set to power around 125,000 homes

New EFW plant set to deliver millions of pounds of savings and showcase how innovative technology can improve operations

New CFD system cuts time for power plant design

This is aimed at the biomass and Energy from Waste segments

How can plastic waste fuel a greener future?

Recycling effort targets polyethylene and polypropylene

Biomethane plant starts work on time

West Yorkshire site uses anaerobic digestion

What can be done to prevent damaging spills?

Some thoughts on how to reduce the risk of handling toxic liquid

Waste plastic to hydrogen project takes first step

Distributed Modular Gasification technology developed by Powerhouse Energy produces a source of hydrogen from unrecyclable plastics

Energy from waste plant gets the go-ahead

Cheshire plant to power 125,000 homes by 2023

Breakthrough in sustainable diesel production

New technology could displace billions of litres of fossil fuel annually

New insertion-style flow meter for biogas

This analyses the output from industrial organic waste treatment

Biomass CHP plants - the future is bright

The furnace is alight and the feed is running: why the future is bright for biomass CHP plants

Biogas plant relies on Bredel hose pumps for hot abrasive slurry handling

French biogas plant relies on Bredel hose pumps for hot abrasive slurry handling

Toasting success of brewery’s energy scheme

Skol Brewery Rwanda transforms wastewater into green energy to profitably benefit the African environment

Guide to cutting costs for industrial end-users

Is your cooling and refrigeration equipment consuming too much energy?



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