Waste to Energy

New EFW plant in Cheshire set to power around 125,000 homes

New EFW plant set to deliver millions of pounds of savings and showcase how innovative technology can improve operations

Water removal technology increases biogas CHP performance

New water removal technology increases biogas CHP performance

Waste plastic to hydrogen project takes first step

Distributed Modular Gasification technology developed by Powerhouse Energy produces a source of hydrogen from unrecyclable plastics



Energy from waste plant gets the go-ahead

Cheshire plant to power 125,000 homes by 2023

Breakthrough in sustainable diesel production

New technology could displace billions of litres of fossil fuel annually

Biomass CHP plants - the future is bright

The furnace is alight and the feed is running: why the future is bright for biomass CHP plants

Use membrane technology to make the most of RHI reforms

Stephen McCulloch describes how to make the most of the RHI reforms with membrane technology

Biogas plant relies on Bredel hose pumps for hot abrasive slurry handling

French biogas plant relies on Bredel hose pumps for hot abrasive slurry handling

Toasting success of brewery’s energy scheme

Skol Brewery Rwanda transforms wastewater into green energy to profitably benefit the African environment

Guide to cutting costs for industrial end-users

Is your cooling and refrigeration equipment consuming too much energy?

Fish process plant upgrades conveyors

New stainless system means overall efficiency is up 10%

New Swedish waste-to-energy plant

The facility will be located next to a recycling centre, making it a closed loop system

Thermal protection research begins

Public/private collaboration aims to protect power plants operating at higher temperatures

Smart series production for individual customer turbo technology

Compressors provide answer to the increasing demand for tailored customer solutions and greater energy efficiency

Reliable power at Polish waste-to-energy plant

Plant enables disposal of waste effectively and helps Poland meet its obligations under the EU’s 2020 climate and energy directive

UK gets new waste-to-energy plant

Plant will recycle more than 100,000 tonnes of organic waste every year

In search of the perfect purge

Weld purge monitor reads from atmospheric level of oxygen (20.94%), down to one part per million (0.0001%)



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