Fire detection and protection through safety critical systems

Stephen Pratt explains how safety-critical systems in the power engineering industry are getting ‘smart’ when it comes to fire detection and protection

Fibre-optic measurement in every rotor blade

fos4X introduces new generation of measuring devices into the fos4Blade sensor platform

First Hornsea Project One Substation topside installed

This will become the largest wind farm in the world

Research collaboration to accelerate wind turbine design

Testing to take place at a 15MW power train test facility in North East England

Landmark in giant wind turbine project

The first 'jacket' is in

The new energy generation

Some thoughts on the benefits of corporate energy self-sufficiency

Blue Hammer: Making Wind Turbine Installation Quieter

This could reduce underwater noise levels by up to 20 dB and potentially reduce the fatigue damage on the pile by up to 90%

Wind turbine maintenance package launch

This is all about prediction

Huge new wind turbine project

The blades will be 107 metres long

Wind turbine blade prototype passes initial tests

The design allows it to deform to accommodate sudden gusts

New solar cell

This retains its efficiency after 1,000 hours of continuous use

Heavy duty wireless tug launch

Large jobs like wind turbine construction could be made safer

New data management for UK renewables

Some 30 wind farms and 10 solar PV plants will benefit

Novel management for remote power plants

One Slovenian company is using the IoT to monitor remote renewables

The next generation of wind turbines

Jack-up vessel Seafox 5 departs Damen Verolme Rotterdam ready for the next generation of wind turbines

French solar car parks go live

Three Grenoble car parks are now generating electricity

Corn ethanol production accelerates in Brazil

The Lucas do Rio Verde facility is designed to generate zero waste



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