New string inverter for rooftop PVs

Jon Lawson

Delta has launched the new M70A string inverter in Europe. The M70A’s six MPP trackers help planners configure large, complex photovoltaic (PV) systems. They also boost output from arrays that experience partial shade. It is targeted at commercial rooftop installations ranging from 70kW to as much as several MWs.

The 6 MPP trackers offer 3 pairs of connectors each to provide more options when arranging module strings. This way, planners can compensate for shading and complex roof geometries by allocating the MPP trackers accordingly. If two strings are attached per DC input, neither external string breakers nor fuses are required. The M70A is also merely one product within the comprehensive Delta portfolio of technologies for green buildings, opening the door to even more possibilities including completely self-sufficient buildings.

“When companies or developers decide to construct a new building now, they frequently pursue some form of environmental certification,” said Eric Thorsrud, from PV Inverters BU, Delta EMEA. “The M70A is a great option for smart green buildings designed to achieve net-zero certification, for instance.”

Additional advances include an I-V curve feature for PV curve recording, Q at Night to supply reactive power to the grid outside standard feed-in periods, and Anti-PID (potential-induced degradation) to protect solar modules from the effects of voltage, heat and humidity. 

The M70A also ships with an RS485 interface and wireless communications. This connectivity allows operators to monitor their M70As from the MyDeltaSolar Cloud with a smartphone app. MyDeltaSolar Cloud is free of charge for the first 5 years. 


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