Has the sun set on second-gen solar?

The latest IPCC report could be a catalyst for next generation solar uptake

Cabling infrastructure installed near Le Croisic

French/Scottish collaboration hailed a success

Large scale energy storage facility inaugurated

Belgian plant combines PV technology with Lithium-ion storage

Battery benefits and the future of energy storage

Some thoughts on the growing need to store excess energy

Low-cost Lidar technology acquisition announced

This kit is designed primarily for remote sensing in the wind farm market

New accommodation unit at Borkum Riffgrund 2

German North Sea venture set to power nearly half a million homes

Pump technology installs wind turbine foundations

Borkum Riffgrund 2 off the German coast takes another step toward powering up

New flowmeter for checking digester gas outputs

Methane and carbon dioxide sniffer gives key process health indicators to the wastewater treatment industries

New PV inverter

Efficiency is up to 99%

Novel air bubble curtain for large marine projects

This reduces noise pollution under water

Scotland’s largest offshore wind test site generates first power

EOWDC turbine exports power to National Grid as commissioning continues

Offshore Reactive Compensation Station installed at Hornsea Project One​

Another step forward for what will be the world's largest windfarm

New hybrid solar PV and storage solution

New software refines performance

Nuclear lab performs LIMS upgrades

Software renewal prompts move

3 Challenges for renewables

Some thoughts on managing demand, combining distributed systems and reporting

Final turbine successfully installed for EOWDC

Rapid installation of suction bucket jacket foundation marks offshore wind industry first for the Scottish project



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