The future of onshore and offshore wind power

Growth in the wind energy sector is attributable to a huge range of factors, including financial confidence, technological advancements, legislative support from local governments and increased public support and awareness, says David Blake

Optimising plating and paint adhesion on marine wind turbines

Vibratory finishing to ‘edge-breaks’ the sharp corners to improve plating and coating adhesion

Scientists lay out plans for efficient solar energy harvesting

Solar power could be harvested and transported over long distances using tiny molecular circuits, according to research

Catch the next wave

Hydrodynamic simulation helps to deliver two- to three-times wave power efficiency improvement. Bradford S Lamb and Ken Rhinefrank report

Floating wind farms

The technology used in offshore oil and gas extraction is now making wind power installation in deeper waters possible

On-line monitoring of wind turbines

Remote monitoring systems deployed across three wind farms operated by Guohua Energy Investment Company in China

Hydrogen fuel cells

Studying dynamic behaviour of alkaline fuel cells being planned for the European Space Agency's Hermes spacecraft

Germany: 36 per cent of electricity in to be generated from renewables by 2020

This growth will require substantial investments in upgrading the existing power transmission infrastructure



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