Renewable Energy

‘Game-changing’ tidal energy project approved for Channel regions

Interreg France (Channel) England Programme has approved the biggest ever Interreg project that could prove to be game-changing for the European tidal stream energy sector.

How will fuel cells be controlling the energy of the future

Fuel cells have been hailed as the energy source of the future; they can provide a non-polluting supply of power by re-combining hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity and water

How to implement climate friendly electricity

Wood is one very important source of the many that can be used to generate electricity



Stabilising floating offshore wind turbines

Computer simulations pave the way for designs that aim to make pontoon turbines financially viable

Aftermarket solutions for ageing wind turbines

Steven Olsen explores how aftermarket solutions can benefit the wind power industry

Cooling solution helps turbine manufacturers improve output

Jonas Haubro introduces a novel cooling solution that’s a breath of fresh air for wind turbines

How to overcome white structure flaking in wind turbines

Marie-Dominique Pilath presents some root cause analysis of bearing damage in wind turbines

Smart sensors provide 24/7 monitoring for wind turbines

Precision sensor technologies are not only proving their value during the production and testing of wind turbines, but also in the real-time condition monitoring of operationally active onshore and offshore wind farms, says Chris Jones

Tidal power plants are put to the test in the Netherlands

Not only are tidal power plants invisible, they also supply renewable energy regardless of weather conditions. This compelling technology is being tested with a little help from a bearings expert

New hydraulic bolt tensioners for offshore wind

Hydraulic bolting tools specialist Enerpac has introduced a new portfolio of hydraulic bolt tensioners for critical offshore wind power generation fastening applications.

10 Examples of renewable and nonrenewable resource

Over the years, the world has refined the extraction and use of natural resources. As the demand for these resources has continued to increase every year, so has the importance of finding sustainable alternatives.

How to take advantage of the magnetic slip mechanism

These gears are ideal for wind turbines

Synchronous condensers for South Australia

Synchronous condensers provide the stability for Australia’s renewable energy aspirations

Is this the best drone yet for rig & turbine inspection?

New machine can attach itself to vertical structures

New string inverter for rooftop PVs

It’s designed for installations ranging from 70kW to several MWs

Giant solar grid completed in New York

New 852 kilowatt system supports a plastics factory

Shore power electrifies giant cranes

Ambitious project in Rotterdam replaces diesel with wind

How can we improve energy efficiency in data centres?

Simone Bruckner ponders the benefits of renewables



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