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Printing under pressure

R STAHL's Ex p solution for printers in hazardous areas

Faster machining of seals in high grade polymers

Seals are manufactured from advanced engineering plastics, including PTFE, HNBR and FKM

Wind turbine bearing test rig now operational

Enables bearings weighing up to 15 tonnes with outside diameters up to 3.5m, to be fully tested

Trial highlights potential of biomethane

Project sees up to 60.7 per cent reduction in emissions and lower fuel costs, says Cenex

Belgium’s 2011 PV market beats previous record year 2009

2011 proved to be a new record year for the Belgian solar PV market, with over 687 MW of new installations nationwide

FIAM filter modules for DC-DC railway applications

Half-brick modules filter transients and surges, deliver up to 500W; two models accept unconditioned DC power from 72V or 110V lines

Red Bull Racing offers five people opportunity to get inside F1

Offering internships, in the departments of Aerodynamics, Electronics, Marketing, IT and Procurement

Submersible ‘dual output’ level and temperature transmitters

Transmitters are suitable for continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oils and fuels

Drivetrain systems for electric and hybrid vehicles

Sevcon and Flextronics Automotive to co-operate to develop complete drivetrain solutions

Special vessel lifts offshore platforms in one piece

Bosch Rexroth develops global drive and control solution for the world’s largest mobile lifting mechanism

Shipping faces serious challenges as it takes the long-term view

But for those who can secure funding, there have been few better times to invest

Mike Smith to appointed to Gentz Aerospace

US aerospace executive Smith appointed Executive Vice President & Managing Director of the Michigan-based company

Mapping the future of the Australian Rail Supply Network

'Roadmap' to support an effective and efficient rail supply network well into the 21st Century

Regional airlines enhance opportunities in the cabin interiors supply chain

Dual-class cabins is one area that has been boosting activity in the interiors supply chain

High speed rail link welcomed

'Excellent news' for the future growth and prosperity of the UK

Data analysis software assess vehicle noise

Helps manufacturers identify the main pass-by noise sources, listen to the individual contributions

Oven accelerates Formula 1 aerofoil development

For post curing drying of composite moulds and moisture extraction for adhesives used for a variety of component parts

Meeting high power demands of on-road electric vehicles

New controller supports both AC induction and permanent magnet AC motor control technologies

Flexible conduit protects power and data for rail station

More than 4,400 of photovoltaic panels that will produce over 1MW of electricity

Wind energy has 'widespread public support and offers value for money'

Onshore wind is already important in helping guard against energy price shocks, says RenewableUK