Rupture disc features full-open relief area

Paul Boughton
The SANITRX LPX, by Continental Disc Corporation, is a stainless-steel, reverse-acting rupture disc designed specifically for the European pharmaceutical, food and beverage and biotech industries. This differential pressure relief device features an instantaneous full-open relief area for protecting equipment, vessels, systems and people from an overpressure condition.
Features include: 316 or 316L SS materials of construction; excellent cyclic durability; 90 per cent maximum recommended operating ratio; available in sizes 40 mm, 50mm and 80mm; precision scoring on the vent side of the disc dome assures optimum cleanability and improves rupture disc performance; aAll rupture discs include sanitary, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic packaging.
Benefits of the SANITRX LPX include: the standard low pressure allows for significant cost and time savings benefit in that there is no requirement of third party inspection because PED is not applicable; meets ASME BPE and USP Class VI criteria (SF1 surface finish (0.5 Ra micrometers or better; solid metal construction provides cleanability for CIP/SIP applications; fully traceable materials including USP Class VI certified gaskets; all components are free of polishing compounds, release agents and animal derivatives); Lower installation and maintenance costs and increased productivity.

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Continental Disc Corporation is based in Liberty, MO, USA.


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