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Potential for ocean energy production near US coasts

US Department of Energy Releases New Wave and Tidal Energy Assessment Reports

Lawyers send complaint to European Commission about subsidies for nuclear power

Plans for new nuclear power stations in the UK are threatened, says Energy Fair

Energy trends: what lies ahead for 2012

Industry divided on how to address the issues of energy security and environmental sustainability

Grouting contract for offshore wind farm

The 295MW capacity wind farm will be installed in German waters

Solar energy - South Africa’s job creation powerhouse

Solar employment opportunities 'will be mainly created in engineering and design of solar plants'

Catch the Next Wave: meeting ocean challenges

Conference will highlight latest thinking in nanotechnology to power sources and robotics

Self-clinching concealed-head studs and standoffs

Solution for applications where the host metal sheet must remain completely sealed from air, liquid, dust, gases

Stackable headers certified to stringent automotive OEM criteria

System allows greater design flexibility to support low-level signal requirements and power applications upwards of 30.0A

First marine energy park for UK

'Fantastic potential' of wave and tidal power which could produce up to 27 gigawatts of electricity by 2050

Vision sensor for quality inspection tasks

The VC Smart Inspect vision sensor is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications

Test lab verifies high break resistance of solar PV modules

Combination of thin, strong glass and lightweight design techniques provides break resistance not previously seen in solar modules

European cogeneration market to pick up steam by 2018

Germany, Italy and Spain have made considerable strides in building a policy framework to support cogeneration

Smarter methods for mathematical analysis, modelling and simulation

MapleSim and Maple to enhance modelling and simulation in space exploration projects

3D computer models could be used to assess new wind farm schemes

3D laser map of Britain is made available online; map is captured from laser equipped aircraft

Novel energy storage system

Highview Power Storage uses liquid air as the storage medium

Coating advances corrosion protection

An enhanced two layer corrosion protection process has been developed by AUMA actuators

Biomass: Unlocking the supply chain

Forum for power producers, investors, technologists and reseach and development

Researchers shed light on magnetic mystery of graphite

Finding how make graphite magnetic could be first step to utilising it as a bio-compatible magnet

Complete sub-assembly and control panel manufacture

Multi-technology integration; reduced costs and time to market

VIDEO: What is social media – and what are the benefits to your business?

Video covers the basics about what it is and how to use it to best effect for marketing in a business-to-business context