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In-line particle probe

Tool for process development and automated production in many sectors including chemical industry

Video and laser-based measurement

Inspection and measurement of underground pipes such as gas, water and sewerage, and rainwater drainage pipes

Braking system reduces commercial vehicle fuel consumption by 25 per cent

Hydrostatic Regenerative Braking system from Bosch Rexroth stores brake energy in a hydraulic pressure reservoir

UK risks ‘brain drain’ if it fails to invest more in a new generation of engineers

Poll suggests student engineers see the UK as an attractive market; but USA, China and Germany seen as best option by academics

Safety upgrade for forklift trucks

Chemical giant Huntsman upgrades fleet of explosion proof forklift trucks at its Guangzhou facility in China

Unmanned autonomous airborne vehicles get a lift

Scanners enabled rapid part-to-CAD conversion, allowing quick prototyping, re-engineering and testing

Large space structure manufacturing a step closer

Solar sails or antenna reflectors could be manufactured in space, says Magna Parva

Conveyor and processing belts improve the efficiency of food processing

Designed for direct food use, especially in the meat, cheese and dairy industries, says Habasit Rossi

Flexible actuator functionality aids refinery automation

Wolfgang Ranft makes the case for adaptable automation in the refinery industry

Helping compressed air users identify cost savings

Software programme to help engineers determine the volume of wasted air due to leaks

Improved ultrasonic cleaning

Versa Mk III is a semi-automated cleaning line from Turbex

Non-contacting linear position transducer has 'teach' function

Function uses push-buttons and a status LED for straightforward in-situ range setting

Polyurethane coated, galvanised steel conduit

Suitable for applications that require high abrasion resistance and a high fatigue life

The Parrot AR.Drone: from virtual to reality

Wi-Fi, toy flying-machine dubbed, by its makers, a ‘quadricopter’ and controlled by iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Achieve oil drain intervals of more than 16,000 hours

Energy-efficient oil delivers reduced fuel costs and increased oil life

The 'thinking' ROV

Precise and instantaneous feedback means the operator no longer has to make assumptions about the state of the ROV

Load pins for critical load measurements

Steve Hewitt looks at the uses of load measuring pins with the oil industry

Building competence through a well-defined industry collaboration

IMOSTI Inc trains and educates the workforce in offshore oil and gas industry

Best practice guide on biomass handling and biomass/coal co-handling

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology has produced a report entitled Best Practice Guide on Biomass Handling and Biomass/Coal Co-handling

Under Pressure

BEL Valves focus on high pressures, critical valve applications such as emergency shut down valves