Zamet Industry

Together we construct the future

Zamet Industry located in Piotrków Trybunalski in Poland, is a global manufacturer of large-size steel structures, machines and equipment for industry.

Our experience and over 60 years of tradition in steel constructions production allows us to be involved in very demanding, often individual projects, where the key aspect are the quality of delivered products, our professionalism and credibility. For this reason, we are a trusted partner for world leaders from Oil & Gas, Offshore & Marine, Material Handling, Civil Building Machinery, Mining & Energy and other sectors.

We offer comprehensive production covering all stages of the process from material preparation, welding, machining, anti-corrosion protection to NDT and functionality tests). What's more, manufactured devices can be equipped in our plant with electric and hydraulic systems. 

The large-size structures, machines and equipment produced in our plant, operate all over the world: on the North Sea, Barents Sea, Atlantic Ocean, the coast of Angola, the Republic of Congo, Brazil, Malaysia and many other places in the world.

We are in the small group of companies that have many years of experience in the production of prototype structures and equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry, especially for the Subsea and Offshore sectors. Over 120 of the largest subsea extracting projects in the world use the equipment produced in our plant in Piotrków. What is more, Zamet Industry specializes in production of structures installed on solid drilling platforms and FPSO units. 

We can also offer the production of large-size structures for the Offhore RES and Marine sector. We produce various types of equipment that is used for the construction and efficient operation of ships, ferries, yachts or boats and wind farms. 

We are a well-known manufacturer of large-size materials handling equipment of various applications. The equipment, that may weight from several hundred to several thousand tons and reach from a few to dozen meters, are used for loading, unloading and transporting loose materials. They are dedicated to quaysides, power stations and heat power stations.

Zamet Industry offers production of steel structural elements of heavy machines for Civil Building Machinery sector like undercarriages, frames, booms as well as OEM accessories for excavators, loaders, self-dumping car and other specialized heavy machinery.

We are one of the leading domestic manufacturers of vertical conveying equipment for deep-coal mines. In this assortment group, we offer rope pulleys intended for use in mining hoist towers, shaft cages intended for transporting people, mine cars or lowering equipment and materials for the pit down as well as skips intended for vertical (shaft) transport of spoil in mines.

We also offer independent services such as metal cutting, welding, mechanical treatment, anti-corrosion protection and services in area of Detail Engineering, 3D measurements and non-destructive testing.

The machinery in Piotrków Trybunalski is over 34,500 sq m of production area, which equipment enables the implementation of industrial machining of large dimensions and a high degree of processing, as well as technologically advanced structures with very high quality requirements. The key processes are welding, anti-corrosion protection and precise assembly processes, complemented by precise machining.



Zamet Industry Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership
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97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski 


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