The world’s largest static mixer?

Paul Boughton

What is possibly the largest static mixer in the world is nearing completion before dispatch to Hong Kong.

The Statiflo STMC mixer which is 8.5m wide x 7m high and weighing 18 tonnes, will be installed in a final effluent channel to ensure that sodium hypochlorite solution will be uniformly dosed to give a high mixture quality with a Coefficient of Variation (CoV) < 0.05. 

Even at the maximum flow of 4.15 Mm3/day (48 m3/sec) the headloss across the mixer will be only 130 mm. 

The Statiflo supply includes the dosing lances which are positioned immediately upstream of the mixing elements and as shown in the photograph the mixer has been pre assembled to give a trouble free installation on site.

The advantage of this and other static mixers in the Statiflo static mixer range is that they are maintenance-free, require no spare parts and have a low carbon footprint as the headloss is very small.

The Statiflo range extends to pipe mixers with various mixing element designs to suite the application, gas dispersers for the efficient dispersion of gases like ozone for water treatment and a full array of custom designed static mixers for the process industries.

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Statiflo International Ltd is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK.