Wireless pressure and temperature sensors

Jon Lawson

To avoid long, tortuous and expensive cable routings, the recently introduced IWPT pressure and IWTT temperature sensors from Cynergy3 Components Ltd., can be the most cost effective sensors when compared to the cost of sensors requiring traditional cabling.

Typical applications can involve rotating or moving machinery where cable runs are particularly difficult.  Even for static installations, it can be expensive to run cables especially if trunking or conduit is required.  Crossing roads, rivers and other obstructions as well as long cable runs or going around or through obstructions such as walls, ceiling or floors are all expensive from a material cost point of view, and time consuming from a labour point of view.

Each sensor pair comprises of either a pressure or temperature transducer linked together with either a single or five-channel receiver.  In such a way, multiple sensors can be used with one receiver, and pressure and temperature sensors can be mixed on the one receiver to give the greatest possible flexibility.  Outputs can be user selected, via DIL switches in the receiver, to produce either 4-20mA or 1-5Vdc.  Changeover contacts are provided for alarm functionality, as is a low battery alarm (typical battery life is 5 years @ 10 second update rate). Interference from and to existing equipment is eliminated by using a ‘listen before send’ protocol which checks the airways are clear before any data is transmitted.