When the going gets tough – conveyor belt technology

The world of mines is global. Often the environmental conditions are extreme. Whether in the desert of Atacama or in the icy cold of Siberia, maximum productivity can only be achieved if the process chain consisting of material mining, transport and further processing runs smoothly. If a bottleneck occurs during the transport of the material, valuable time is wasted in which no revenue is generated while the costs continue to rise. The problem is often due to defects in the drive technology. Drive technology specialists such as Flender therefore offer an extensive portfolio that can be adapted to the respective drive application. Due to the extensive modular system, which also takes peripherals into account, a drive system consisting of established reliable components can be combined, which is optimally designed for the application and nevertheless offers the advantages of a standard offer such as fast availability and a good price-performance ratio. In thousands of applications, Flender components have gained a good reputation due to their high material and manufacturing quality. Quality is the key to the availability of machines and systems and thus an important factor for productivity. Here you can see an example from the field of conveyor technology:

These drives boost availability Flender - conveyor belt drives and gear units




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