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Our technical ‘spark’ solves your industrial challenges.

We cover more than 150 countries and territories throughout a network of over 28 subsidiaries and with more than 1000 employees and specialists in different disciplines, we offer unrivalled service solutions globally.

For more than 50 years, Welding Alloys Group has focused on continuously improving, and setting the standard in the production of a wide range of flux cored and metal cored welding wires for: Rebuilding, Hard facing, Cladding and Joining. We offer wires for low, medium and high alloy hard facing, for fabrication of mild and stainless steel, and nickel and cobalt base wires, all in diameters ranging from 0.9 mm to 4.0 mm, using our own manufacturing technology. In addition to cored wires, our range of consumables includes aluminium welding wires and tubular welding electrodes.

Welding Alloys Group also manufactures automated equipment for wear protection, offering stationary equipment (for use in workshops only)or portable equipment (for use in-situ and workshops). Welding Alloys Group has pioneered the design and manufacture of automated welding equipment since the late 1970s. Our range of machines offers the most sophisticated technology to enable high quality and reproducibility of demanding hard facing, cladding and rebuilding applications. We have the capability to tailor our products and services to customers’ specific requirements and to fully support our customers worldwide by offering a full installation, commissioning and training service.

In partnership with customers and according to their specifications, we provide our Welding Alloys IntegraTM service,which offers a full range of solutions in various industries. Our knowledge of service conditions of worn components enables us to recommend the appropriate welding method and welding consumables to provide exceptional component service life, always exceeding the original performance.Our teams assess and analyse parts and their working conditions, supply long lasting and reliable hard faced components and carry out highly efficient cladding or hard facing procedures, all of which can be done in one of our 25IntegraTM Service Centres or in-situ using our advanced welding consumables and state-of-the-art welding equipment.

Welding Alloys Group is committed to forming close customer relationships and has established numerous industry partnerships as a total solution supplier – from consumables and machines to integrated engineering solutions.

Through this the Welding Alloys Group has gained a thorough understanding of the operating conditions and requirements of industries worldwide.

Welding Alloys Group satisfies specific requirements at all levels within all of these industries. Whether with OEMs, direct users, sub-contractors or distributors,Welding Alloys unreservedly collaborates and offers the best possible solutions.


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