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Material Matters

For more than 140 years, innovation has been a tradition at Weir Minerals, a leading supplier to the global mining industry that delivers end-to-end solutions for all mining, transportation, milling, processing, and waste water management activities 

At Weir Minerals, Material Matters™. The basic premise of Material Matters: You get more out of a Weir Minerals product because of our relentless commitment to R&D resulting in superior products, enhanced output and reliability which improve financial outcomes. Weir Minerals is devoted to the newest and most advanced technologies, constantly striving to extend product performance and reduce cost. This results in products that simply outwork and outlast anything in the field. The mining industry relies on Weir Minerals for quality and innovative products and services.

The Linatex® Wear Indicator System transmits and receives messages, providing a revolutionary early warning system to mine operators. This system is superior to competitors’ models because it detects more than just a break in the wire; it measures a change in resistance for more accurate results. The system saves time, money, and lives by notifying operators when a pipe needs to be replaced or fixed.  

The Enduron SP series cone crushers deliver some of the highest production capacity in the industry. This is achieved from better gearing in our power transmission Spiral Beveled Gear Assembly, and our ingenious design resulting in an increased mantle slope and longer mantle shaft.

You get a lot more out of a product from Weir Minerals. The reason is simple. Weir Minerals put a lot more into it. We go the extra mile – with our metallurgy, with our R&D, with our testing, with our support service. Our products go well beyond industry standards. It matters what we do. Every part of every product, every little thing, every step of the way. Because in the long run, it all matters.  


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