Global success in power supply, distribution, transmission and control

In just over four- decades, WEG has evolved from a proprietary supplier of electric motors to become a major global solutions provider of power supply, power distribution, power transmission and turnkey automation systems.

Today, WEG systems are controlling desalinisation plants in the Middle and Far East; they are providing the control of vast hydro- electric projects in the Andes and beyond; they are delivering the power to dig some of longest tunnels in the world, and are providing the control in alternative energy plants that use waste as a base fuel.

In addition, WEG motors are driving generators on offshore oil rigs in some of the most demanding environmental conditions in the world; and they are scaling the dizzy heights of the tallest building in the world, providing the drive for the first-stage air conditioning used in the 818 m (2,684 ft) high Burj Tower in Dubai

WEG’s global sales now exceed the US$3-billion mark, representing increasing global success across a wide range of product groups, including the latest generations of generators, transformers, LV control gear, inverter drive systems, soft starters, LV and HV motors, ATEX- compliant explosion proof motors, smoke extraction motors and full turnkey systems.

WEG’s global growth is underpinned by 16 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants worldwide: in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal and China, with a further plant in India coming on line in 2010. Employing the resources of these manufacturing plants, plus the facilities of subsidiaries in 19 countries, agents in over 100 countries, and over 1100 service centres covering all 5 continents, enables WEG to service each market individually, by offering specific customer solutions.

WEG contributes to sustainability by offering more efficient solutions to meet the needs of each market segment. The company also helps industries to generate their own energy by re-using residues - sugar cane bagasse, rice chaff, wood scraps and even water.                                                                                                           
WEG’s sustainable solutions supply sugar cane and alcohol mills, small hydro-electric power plants and wind power plants worldwide, supporting the Kyoto protocol by helping to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment.

WEG addresses segments such as power generation, mining, food, HVAC, water and waste treatment, metallurgy, steel, petrochemical, oil and gas, shipbuilding, general engineering, testing – and many more - with over 400 different product lines, all offering the highest levels of technology, efficiency and protection.

WEG is at the forefront of developments in energy saving, researching and developing technologies to ensure that the company is always one step ahead in manufacturing much more efficient energy saving motors.

Epitomising WEG’s environmental approach is the new W22 range of high-efficiency three-phase induction motors. This range offers significantly lower energy consumption, lower noise and vibration, higher reliability, easier maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

Featuring many innovative developments, and supported by patent and registered design applications, the W22 range comprises three product types, each designed to exceed the requirements of the IE1 (Eff2), IE2 (Eff1) and IE3 (Premium) efficiency classes.


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