Water-cooled motor

Louise Davis

WEG has recently launched the new K1W series of water-cooled motors.

The newly-developed K1W motors are available up to energy efficiency class IE3 with rated power up to 700 kW and compact dimensions.

They are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, including mixers, extruders, injection moulding machines, printing presses, paper machines and wire drawing machines.

The new series of motors was developed by WEG’s German subsidiary Antriebstechnik KATT Hessen, commonly known as AKH.

The new series of motors is built to the specifications of vibration level A, protection class IP55 and insulation class F as standard.

The shaft height of the available motors is between 200 and 355 mm. The motor casing and bearing shells of the standard version are made from steel.

The electrical options include optimisation for variable speed drive operation as well as special voltages and frequencies.

The mechanical options of the K1W motors include water-cooled shafts, electrically isolated bearings, automatic lubrication, and foot or flange mounting.

Special bearings for high axial or radial loads, special shaft materials, and special surface treatment and a variety of paint grades are also possible.

Drive components such as holding brakes, back stops, shock absorbers and various encoders are additionally available.

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