Vibration sensor offers extended operating temperature range

Paul Boughton

Metrix 5485C velocity sensors employ a 'zero friction' coil suspension that ensures accurate and repeatable vibration measurements over wide ranges of amplitude and frequency at working temperatures of -54 to 375 degrees C.

Self-generating and therefore with no power requirement, these intrinsically safe devices can operate continuously in high-temperature and hazardous area applications. They have sealed stainless steel housings with rugged internals to ensure durability in hostile environments; they can be installed in any orientation.

Damping is electromagnetic and purely viscous. As no friction-prone air damping is employed, small vibrations can be detected at low frequencies. Zero friction also allows infinite resolution to be achieved, according to Metrix.

The coil bobbin is suspended by two non-twisting, circular spider springs that provide a clean frequency response. Frequency response range is 15 to 2000Hz and thermal sensitivity is less than 0.02 per cent per degree C.

Units are available with fixed armoured cable or a two-pin connector requiring a suitable cable. Vibration condition monitoring and protection applications include plant such as large industrial gas turbines and furnace fans.

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