Peristaltic pump solutions for liquid handling

Verderflex are manufacturers and distributors of peristaltic hose and tube pumps. Our pumps can be found around the globe in industries as varied as mining, wastewater treatment and pharmaceuticals. Our extensive network of international distributors provide our customers with the best, local service. Verderflex pumps can dose from a few ml/min up to 90m3/hr, have programmable and multiple head options.

Peristaltic pumps are a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. The fluid is contained within a flexible hose or tube fitted inside the pump casing. The actual pumping principle, called peristalsis, is based on alternating compression and relaxation of the hose or tube, drawing content in and propelling product away from the pump. This process makes a peristaltic pump an accurate dosing pump or metering pump.

With an equal amount of liquid dosed each time. The liquid being pumped never comes into contact with any moving parts because it is totally contained within the re-enforced hose or tube. A rotating shoe or roller passes along the length of the hose or tube creating a total seal between the suction and discharge sides of the pump. As the pump’s rotor turns this sealing pressure moves along the tube or hose forcing product to move away from the pump and into the discharge line. Where the pressure has been released the hose or tube recovers creating a vacuum, which draws the product into the suction side of the pump, the priming mechanism. 
Combining these suction and discharge actions results in a self priming positive displacement pump, the peristaltic pump. 

The perfect seal between the two sides of the pump means that there is no product slip, when coupled with the pump’s linear speed-flow characteristic it makes Verderflex peristaltic pumps pump ideal for dosing.

 Additionally, as the pumped liquid is totally contained within the hose or tube, this makes a Verderflex peristaltic pump a hygienic pumping solution with zero chance for contamination. This also reduces maintenance time as the hose or tube is the only wearing part.

Verderflex pumps stand apart from their competitors: reliable innovative, high performance, peristaltic pumps that pump difficult products in tough conditions.
Verderflex pumps are renowned for providing top-quality solutions to an array of problems, within process industries around the world. Used in Original Equipment Manufacture as custom solutions that can be incorporated wherever accurate dosing is required such as in vending machines. The Smart and Scientific models are easily programmable tube pumps and ideal for use with chemicals or in a laboratory setting. This range is complimented by the industrial tube pump range. Specifically designed to be used in hazardous areas, they provide a compact pumping solution for automated systems as standalone pumps or as part of Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM). These pumps have multiple power options and quick and easy tube change features. A range of tube materials are available to handle a range of different chemicals as well as hygienic options for food and beverage dispensing.

The Dura and VF hose pumps reliably pump the toughest fluids and are often found pumping slurry with high solid content from the mining industry to water plants.


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