Valve ensures safety for personnel in range of sectors

Nicola Brittain

New safety-tested valve has extensive application across sectors.

Valves play an indispensable role in safeguarding industrial facilities and personnel against catastrophic incidents and explosions and the VigilEX VigiFLAP Explosion Isolation Valve is no different.

The product plays a pivotal role in industrial safety, particularly in working environments prone to combustible dust or gas explosions. Combustible dust and gas explosions can occur suddenly and result in devastating consequences.

Dust of this sort is present in nearly every manufacturing and industrial processing facility across the globe and the number of catastrophic fires and explosions caused by combustible dust has increased significantly, according to OSHA. However, such fires and explosions are 100% manageable through proper mitigation by using proven safety systems such as the VigiFLAP Explosion Isolation Valve. This crucial component offers reliable isolation capabilities to contain explosions and prevent their propagation into process systems. The VigiFLAP is mainly used within the industrial filtration and process industries and, used in conjunction with VigilEX’s VL/VD Explosion Relief Panels and other explosion protection equipment in the range, will help to ensure a safe facility.

Designed to isolate explosions

The VigiFLAP is designed to close within milliseconds and isolate explosions in industrial processes. Its robust housing encloses a stainless steel, domed flap mechanism that remains open, either by process airflow or locked open during regular operations, allowing the passage of removed materials to the filter or vessel using process airflow. However, upon a sudden pressure increase (explosion), the flap closes immediately, isolating the explosion.

The VigiFLAP’s design also includes a self-cleaning interior and viewing window (useful for reduced maintenance and non-productive time offline), as well as advanced sensors capable of detecting closure within milliseconds. When connected to your control panel, it will inform operators and personnel of the incident. This rapid closure time is ATEX and NFPA certified and conforms to EN15089 and EN16447 standards, ensuring immediate isolation and minimising any further damage caused by an explosion. Furthermore, the VigiFLAP valve’s construction materials and paint system have been selected to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring long-term reliability and durability. The VigiFLAP is also the first Explosion Isolation Valve to be certified for vertical installation (for sizes DN160-800) allowing for more installation flexibility. Sizes range from DN100 to DN1370 and are complemented by a range of passive explosive protection equipment including flameless venting.

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