Updated blade pitch system for wind turbines

Louise Davis

Mita-Teknik has announced the launch of its new blade pitch system for onshore and offshore wind turbines. It is a flexible pitch solution for turbines up to 12 MW, with a design life of 30 years. It has been designed to maximise the availability and performance of wind turbines, while applying minimum loads to the structure. High availability is ensured by fast commissioning, a built-in-self-test scheme for on-the-fly evaluation, simple maintenance procedures, and digitalisation. This has been achieved by integrated CMS and intelligent algorithms collecting data of high accuracy and veracity, providing the valuable data insights needed to support operation and maintenance planning.

The system features a modular pitch design with integrated drives, based on various standardised sizes of hub units, blade units, brushless PM servo motors, asynchronous servo motors as well as energy storage based on either ultracapacitors or long life VRLA batteries. It is designed as an open system allowing OEMs to integrate their own software in the hub controller.

It has been designed to sustain the harsh environment of the rotating wind turbine hubs and can deal with operating temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C, as well as continuous vibrations. By removing the traditional “cabinet in cabinet” approach, Mita-Teknik was able to maximise the reliability, avoiding high ambient temperatures inside the cabinet. The Mita Pitch system offers innovative features such as ruggedised IP65 seawater resistant aluminium housings, smart energy management extending component service life, as well as touchless blade angle monitoring.





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