Ultra-wide temperature capable memory for in-vehicle and heavy industrial applications

Hayley Everett
Advantech has launched its new SQR-SD4E ultra-wide temperature rugged memory system. Image via Advantech.

Embedded computing firm Advantech has released its new SQR-SD4E ultra-wide temperature rugged memory system that delivers reliability and industrial-grade stability for a wide range of operating temperatures from -40 to 125°C.

According to Advantech, SQR-SD4E’s innovative design and specifications enable it to solve overheating problems and ensure ‘extraordinary’ durability in high-temperature critical applications such as military, in-vehicle, mining, and heavy industry.

Today's high-performance computing applications are generating more heat than ever, especially for outdoor scenarios. Higher power demands for embedded computing in critical markets means the thermal-management problem is ever present. Advantech’s SQR-SD4E is designed with original Micron industrial grade DRAM IC and 30µ” golden finger PCB which can support operating temperatures from -40 to 125°C. The SQR-SD4E series has undergone extreme long-run burn-in and stress tests to ensure its reliability. It also supports SODIMM and comes in 8GB/16GB/32GB capacities with a data transfer rate of 3200MT/s.

Rugged and reliable

To meet a diverse set of critical industrial applications, Advantech’s SQR-SD4E utilises an underfill technique to enable stronger structural support between the DRAM chip and the substrate to decrease the edge stress. At the same time, it is better protected against moisture and other environmental hazards to enhance the stability and durability of the memory module.

Not all high-performance embedded computing applications fully benefit from ruggedised technologies due to needing particular memory performance requirements. SQR-SD4E SQRAM provides a heatsink solution with different options for different use cases. Additional heatsinks can dissipate more heat and keep the module temperature low enough to avoid overheating during operation, and having added heatsinks can improve durability of the memory module in the most critical environments.

Exclusive temperature monitoring software

Advantech’s SQRAM comes with its own SQ Manager software which monitors DRAM in real time, providing useful information including dynamic memory speed, temperature, and an advanced overheating alert to inform the user of the operational health status of the memory system. SQ Manager can be executed as part of the system for real-time temperature management.

To maintain system performance stability, Advantech’s software supports Cloud Remote Control mode and On-Premise versions on each device, which is free to download from the Advantech website.

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