Ultra violet curing

Louise Davis

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new high-output UV LED light source that offers around 7 times the intensity of previous models, for use in applications such as bonding, printing, labelling and more.

The new LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G provides the same level of output as metal halide lamps, whilst delivering many other key benefits.

The key advantages of using UV LEDs includes instantaneous on/off switching, which significantly improves efficiency and subsequently extends the lamp’s lifetime (20,000+ hrs). The unit is compact and has an easy to maintain window which allows for much easier integration into systems.

The LC-L5G range has low heat emission and emits no VoCs, allowing for a greener light source, capable of curing on many heat-sensitive substrates.

Other sources in the LIGHTNINGCURE range are also available for various printing formats (such as inkjet, flexo etc).