Ultra-broadband two-way power dividers run up to 50GHz

Paul Boughton

Pasternack Enterprises has launched a new line of ultra-broadband power dividers capable of 50GHz. These millimetre wave power dividers (also referred to as RF power splitters) are ideal for use in radar systems, electronic warfare equipment, fibre optic systems, 10G Ethernet and any application that requires high frequency, multi-octave performance.

Pasternack is offering three new configurations of broadband power dividers including two with 2.92mm connectors, one of which is a low VSWR version. Both 2.92mm power dividers are capable of frequencies ranging from 10GHz to 40GHz and are rated to 10 Watts maximum input power. The third option is a 2.4mm power divider capable of 10GHz to 50GHz and also has a power rating of 10 Watts. All three high frequency power dividers are Wilkinson two-way designs using a compact package that offers low insertion loss and phase stability across their broad operating range.

The new 40GHz and 50GHz power dividers have a maximum insertion loss of 1.5 dB and VSWR of 1.6. These ultra-broadband power dividers have a typical phase balance of 6 degrees and carry a maximum isolation rating of 15 dB. “Our new 40GHz and 50GHz power dividers are an essential addition to help meet the broadband requirements of the growing millimeter wave industry,” said Gerry Camacho, VP of Technical Marketing at Pasternack Enterprises. “Customers can now take advantage of these ultra-broadband RF power divider versions previously not available in our other lines of power dividers.”

The new broadband power dividers from Pasternack are in-stock and available now.

For more information, visit www.pasternack.com