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Passion for Filtration

Twin Filter, founded in 1985, designs, engineers and manufactures a full range of filtration equipment and consumables. Our products and support services are used globally in more than 80 countries throughout a variety of industries. Twin Filter has its own manufacturing facilities which produces standard filter consumables for liquid, air and gas applications, along with custom made products for OEMs. Twin Filter serves industries such as oilfield, chemical, electronic,pharmaceutical, sulphur, amine, food and beverage markets.

The company is renowned as a problem solver and supplies filter services and solutions for completion /gravel pack fluids, frac fluids, water injection (water flood), oily water clean-up, wastewater treatment, chemical injection, pipeline flushing, produced water treatment and sea water intake filtration, high pressure applications,well testing, (pre) filtration RO, drinking water systems, melted sulphur filtration, amine and glycol treatment and gas filtration and separation.

Completion Fluids Filtration
The vertical pressure leaf filter unit or our filter press in combination with the Duplex cartridge filter unit have proved to be the most effective and HSE friendly method for filtration of brines.

Filter Consumables
We also manufacture filter cartridges especially for the oilfield industry. Our filter cartridges guarantee the clean fluids necessary for maximum reservoir protection and environmental yield during operations. Our range of filter consumables covers fully welded absolute and nominal rated filter cartridge, high-flow cartridges, stainless steel filter elements, filter bags, oil adsorption cartridges / media and diatomaceous earth.

High Pressure Well Head Filter Unites
After a high pressure pump debris and solids can occur in the injection water at the well head, these solids will plug off the reservoir. Therefore the water,before if will be pumped down hole, needs to be filtered down to the required filtration degree. Twin Filter design and built high pressure filter units for flows up to 250m3/hr and 6,500psi down to 0.5micron. These unit can be complete skid mounted with manifold and quick opening closure for quick and safe opening of the filter vessels.

Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Unit
Twin Filter builds complete systems that are specially designed for the high demands of the offshore industry. The TwinOmatic units are automatically self cleaning,which guarantees a continuous flow without interruption and a 100% cleaning of the filter element.

Twin Filter's automatic self cleaning filter units are capable of flow rates up to4,000m3/h per unit and a working pressure of up to 100bar. Our units are Explosion proof operated and are made from different types of (stainless)steel.

Produced Water and Wastewater Treatment
Twin Filter designs, engineers and builds complete systems that can achieve discharge levels <1ppm by several technologies such as; coalescer systems for polishing PW, ceramic membranes for automatic separation of produced water(emulsified oil), absorption / adsorption cartridges (Oilclog and Oilblock) and media for easy and effective polishing waste and produced water. Twin Fibra-X our newest technology, corrosion inhibitors are protecting all water lines against corrosion but also form very difficult emulsions. Twin Filter developed a system without the use of chemicals to break these emulsions. Our (combined) technologies are able to meet the most stringent discharge requirements on and offshore.

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Rental Equipment / Services

A full range of equipment is available for rent, including VPL unit, filter press,cartridge filter units, single vessels, automatic self cleaning strainers.


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