Tubtara® blind rivet nuts: 60 years of innovation

Tubtara® blind rivet nuts are especially developed to provide a strong thread in (thin or thick) metal, plastic or composite sheets & profiles.  Installed from only one side, they are very effective in enclosed applications, such as cabinets, profiles, enclosures, pipes etc. 

A proper choice of the right material and coating of the Tubtara® is very important to obtain optimal functionality during the whole life cycle of the application.  Influences can be chemical (in water dissolved elements), abrasive (sand), heat, friction, contact with other metals, corrosive environments etc.

To be complient with European directives Dejond offers a range of coating options on their steel Tubtara's like Zinktop with or without Cobalt (Cr6 -free, 480h red rust) or Ultra 1000 (Cr6 /Ni-free, 1000 h red rust).

For improved corrosion resistance however the Tubtara® range is swiftly progressing towards stainless steel. The Tubtara® in stainless 1.4567 (304/A2) resists corrosion in atmospheric exposure, the stainless 1.4578 (316/A4) version also targets applications exposed to chlorides, salt water and extreme temperatures. Especially for extremely demanding & critical applications like in civil engineering, tunnel infrastructures etc., Dejond recently developed cold formed TUBTARA's in high alloy austenitic stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti/A5) and 1.4539 (904L/A6). 

To prevent seizure between the (machine-jointed) threaded connections of a stainless bolt in the stainless Tubtara®, a Seal InoxTM topcoat or Gleitmo is recommended.

3D Cad drawings of most stainless steel Tubtara's are downloadable in numerous formats so that you can directly insert them in your product design, in installed or uninstalled condition.

In 2014 Dejond has 60 years of experience in developing and manufacturing Tubtara® blind rivet nuts.  Tubtara® has become synonymous with high quality performance, innovation, in-house R&D and technical support.  Always being one step ahead of industry demand.

Tubtara's manufactured to customers' specifications, are developed to suit the demands of almost every application. These customized solutions offer additional features to the standard Tubtara® such as increased torque-to-turn, sealing, controlled deformation, integration into parent material, centering, pressure spread, compatibility with other fasteners or tools, special thread requirements etc.  The Tubtara's designed for the latest aerospace programmes for instance are used in composite material and aluminium structures on wing parts and seats.

Besides blind rivet nuts, Dejond also concentrates on cold forming selected parts according to customers' drawings for very specific applications.

This unique Tubtara® portfolio is distributed by technical solution providers around the globe to all kinds of industries : white goods, electronics, furniture, railways, telecom, lighting, marine, paper & pulp etc. A technical catalogue and several brochures are available on our website.

Stock availability and a well monitored inventory policy are important quality objectives to Dejond's management.  The wide stock programme offers the advantage of ready supplies, most of them shipped within less than 24 hours. 

Dejond's state-of-the-art cold forming division has the ambition to stay at the forefront of the design and manufacture of blind rivet nuts as development is its essential strength.

Tubtara®: your reliable connection !


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