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A Leader in Custom Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Solutions 

TLX Technologies is a leader in the design and production of custom electromagnetic and electromechanical solutions. We use proportional, high-speed, high-temperature, and latching technologies to custom design solenoids, actuators, and valves. We can also integrate smart functionality into our products to provide data collection, diagnostics, and IoT communication at the component level. 

Our team is highly experienced in electromagnetic and electromechanical design and holds multiple patents, making TLX a leading innovator in a variety of industries such as on-highway, off-highway, powersports, fire protection, and industrial. Thanks to critical capabilities that include 3D CAD design, in-house testing, and electromagnetic and fluid dynamic analysis, TLX Technologies seamlessly partners with your design team to develop solutions built to meet your specific needs. 

Many applications need solutions that will minimize power consumption. TLX’s engineers can use a variety of strategies to achieve the energy efficiency that your design team is looking for, including latching solenoid technology. 

Latching solenoids and solenoid valves are ideal for applications where high cycle rates are not needed. They can maintain a commanded position without drawing any power, use only a short pulse of power to change state, and do not produce the excessive heat that is often associated with constant current solenoids.

Case Study: Apply Latching Technology to Achieve Proportional Control

TLX has applied latching solenoid technology to develop the Discrete Proportional Valve System (DPV)­­­, an energy-efficient alternative to conventional proportional control valves. The DPV maintains a commanded flow rate with zero power input, achieves zero hysteresis, and is capable of a true zero-flow state. 

The DPV uses a combination of binary (on-off) valves with differing flow coefficients that are housed in a single manifold to achieve a stepped approximation of linear response. The desired flow rate is achieved by opening and closing the valves in specific combinations. 

In a traditional proportional valve, there is always some hysteresis induced by mechanical friction and magnetics. The DPV, by definition, achieves zero hysteresis because any given commanded flow state always results in the same valve members opening and/or closing in the same combination, resulting in the same repeatable flow coefficient.

Other forms of proportional control require very tight tolerances, resulting in increased cost and sensitivity to debris and wear. With the DPV design, debris tolerance can be tailored to the requirements of the application, and the solenoid actuator can be isolated from the fluid flow, limiting the ingress of debris into the actuator. 

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