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TLX Technologies Custom Designs Solenoids, Actuators, and Valves

TLX Technologies is an innovative, technology-centric producer of customized electro-mechanical solenoid products. Using proportional, high-speed, high temperature, and latching technologies, we custom design solenoids, actuators, and valves for clients’ unique applications and needs.

TLX Technologies designs for multiple industries, including automotive, off-highway, fire protection, and industrial. With over 150 years of combined solenoid design experience and multiple design patents, our strength lies in designing and manufacturing custom solutions that perfectly fit each client’s unique applications.

Rather than stocking standard components, we partner with customers to design and manufacture the ideal custom solenoid or solenoid valve for their exact design challenge. While we gladly take on projects that combine multiple types of solenoids, as well as projects that require us to innovate new components, many of the products customers ask us to create fall into one of the following categories:

Latching Solenoids
Solenoids and solenoid valves that use latching technology to hold any position (up to three positions) without the constant application of power. Latching technology is well suited for battery-operated applications, as well as applications requiring the solenoid to hold a position for an extended amount of time.

On-Off Solenoids
Solenoids and valves that use the constant application of power to move and/or hold in set positions. These components can be controlled by peak and hold or PWM circuits. TLX’s patented designs allow for a higher force in the same (or reduced) package size.

Proportional Solenoids
Solenoids and valves that require accurate and repeatable control, low hysteresis, and a flat force vs. stroke curve. Proportional technology can be applied to fluid devices, as well as position controls. These solenoids are easily adaptable to two-way valves, three-way valves, and pressure and flow controls.

High-Speed Solenoids
Solenoids and valves that require extremely accurate and high-speed control of fluids, position, or pressure. TLX’s high-speed solenoids allow for response times in as little as 200 microseconds. Depending on the type of application, their durability can last up to 300 million cycles, and they can have less than a 1.1% change in response over their life duration.

High-Temperature Solenoids
Actuators, solenoids, and valves that require consistent performance under extremely high operating temperatures. TLX’s high-temperature technology offers proven operation in ambient temperatures exceeding 500°F (260°C).

Solenoid Valves
Valves that require on/off flow, proportional control, pressure reducing control, relieving control, and flow control. TLX’s fluid control technology uses a unique magnetic design that allows for up to 25% reduced size over competitive designs.

With over 150 years of combined solenoid design experience, multiple design patents, and engineers and operations on both sides of the globe, TLX Technologies has the right team, tools, and technology to custom design the product you need. We work as an extension of your team to design the ideal solution for your application. If you’re interested in partnering with us on your next project, call us at +1 262-372-2165 or contact us at


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