Three-axis video measuring microscope features high-accuracy Z-axis

Paul Boughton

Vision Engineering is launching the Falcon three-axis video measuring microscope that is  compact and suitable for both shop-floor quality control and manufacturing inspection applications, yet it is said to deliver the performance that might be expected from systems many times the price.

With a focus on accuracy, the Falcon employs high-resolution indexed zoom optics (up to 100-times magnification) to provide enhanced component edge definition, with an innovative indexed camera iris control to reduce depth of field, thereby increasing accuracy and repeatability of the Z-axis results (which is said to be a common complaint of video systems).

The Falcon incorporates many more advanced features to simplify operation and increase accuracy, including motorized Z-axis control and controllable quadrant LED illumination.

Vision Engineering's precision measuring stages provide a measurement capacity of up to 150 x 150 x 115mm (X, Y, Z) and include factory-completed non-linear error correction (NLEC) calibration as standard. And with a powerful, yet intuitive touch-screen colour display, the ease of use means that expensive training costs are minimised, with automatic video edge detection ensuring reproducible measurement results, irrespective of the operator.

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