Teledyne e2v

World leading, high performance, signal and data processing solutions from e2v

e2v’s mission is to make our customers’ systems safer,secure and more differentiated by delivering tailored high performance signal and data processing solutions. With over 60 years of IC expertise, we optimise cost of ownership and time-to-market through both standard and customised solutions and partner with our customers at the level they require.

We have a long history of innovating and supplying world leading primes in demanding applications, serving Industrial, Civil Aerospace,Defence, Scientific and Space customers from around the globe, offering solutions through:

  • Hi-rel semiconductors portfolio

  • Chipsets

  • Modules & boards

  • Operation & manufacturing services

Our solutions
Our flexible business model is built around addressing all the critical functions within the signal chain, with solutions such as:

Strategic partnerships
Strategic partnerships are a key part our wide portfolio of signal processing solutions. Our processor solutions are primarily built on NXP’s commercial grade processors, being up-screened or repackaged by ourselves. e2v is Peregrine Semiconductors’ global partner for space RF solutions, including RF switches, digital step attenuators, Prescalers, phase locked loops and DC-DC converters.

Our markets


  • With a proven flight history with world leading space programs, we offer a range of radiation tolerant solutions in a range of space applications, including telecomm, weather & earth observation satellites including data downlinks.

  • Unrivalled microwave frequency capable data converters

  • Advanced processors for high performance space-borne computing

  • NASA qualified QML class V & Y parts

  • An exclusive range of Peregrine Semiconductor products

  • Space qualified assembly & test services

Civil aerospace
We help transport over 2 billion air passengers every year through a range of high performance, temperature efficient solutions in critical systems for flight management, engine control, landing gear control and cabin pressure control.

  • AS9100 qualified microprocessors

  • Guaranteed part supply for 15 years throughe2v’s obsolescence management program, SLiM™

  • After sales technical systems support

We offer a complete signal chain of solutions with a range of military qualification levels, extended temperature operation and ruggedized packaging for radar systems, electronic warfare, guidance systems & flight control systems.

  • A range of over 3,600 DLA-approved parts

  • ADCs, DACs, Logic devices, processors and microcontrollers

  • Integrated solutions including memory modules,multi-chip modules, hybrids and board-level offerings

  • Qualifications include: QML-Q, MIL-PRF 38535& MIL-STD-883

We offer off the shelf and customisable solutions to match the requirements of high performance and industrial applications such as LiDAR, machine vision and test &measurement.

  • High speed digitising solutions for mass data processing

  • Solutions with high speed and data rates but with industry leading rise and fall rates

Our solutions are tailored for ultra-high data level processing applications such as radio astrology, high energy physics & mass spectrometry.

  • Off the shelf and customised solutions for scientific applications

  • Rugged package options for large scale volatile scientific measurements

  • Longevity of supply through our obsolescence management program, SLiM™


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