TCS Biosciences Ltd

Care, Commitment, Quality

From our facilities in rural North Buckinghamshire, TCS specialises in the manufacture and distribution of reagents, quality control products and test kits for use in the clinical, food, water and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Our key areas of focus are:

  • Microbiology        

  • Histopathology

  • Haematology       

  • Serology

  • Parasitology        

  • Virology

  • Immunology       

  • Cell Culture

In our 45 year history we have established ourselves as Europe’s foremost supplier of animal blood and sera for microbiological use. We have pioneered innovative collection and processing techniques resulting in product of the highest quality while ensuring the health and welfare of our donor animals.

Our commitment to continuous improvement, quality monitoring and customer care has ensured the ongoing growth of TCS and facilitated expansion beyond our core business in the clinical sector. Today we are also a prominent figure in the UK water industry and European pharmaceutical market.

All products and services are supplied to a high standard and a quality system registered to ISO9001thus meeting the technical specifications and regulatory standards required by our customers.
TCS supplies a large range of products to the pharmaceutical sector. Our sterile filtered serum is widely used in cell culture, microbiology procedures and diagnostic kits. Blood from our donor animals continues to play an important role as a nutritional supplement in microbiological culture media.

We have a wide range of diagnostic tests and microbiology quality control products. We offer a wide range of dyes and stains and reagents for serology, clinical chemistry, haematology and microbiology.

Our Selectrol® range comprises first generation standard micro-organisms that are manufactured under licence from the Health Protection Agency Culture Collections (HPACC). In addition to these quality control organisms, we supply a range of dipslides to monitor working surfaces and fluids for bacterial contamination. Our range of Compact Dry™ plates also provides a convenient test method for counting micro-organisms. The sterile, ready-to-use plates have dehydrated media allowing for a long shelf life at room temperature. The incorporation of chromogenic agents in the media ensures that the plates are easy to interpret, making them an ideal alternative to the conventional pour plate method.

We have established ourselves in the water industry as Europe's largest specialist supplier of Cryptosporidium and Giardia positive controls, reagents and equipment. Our semi-automated IMS Isolate® kit complements this allowing users to reduce the hands-on time and standardising the bead collection process in the detection of Cryptosporidium.

We are focused on developing our presence and product portfolio in each market sector, without compromising our core business value... quality.


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