StuvEx is an international company operating in the explosion safety market.

Hard to believe that it all started in 1975 with a small family business selling standard explosion-proof equipment that today is on the market with a head office in Belgium (Kontich), sales departments in the Netherlands, UK, France and Italy while our agents are located in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

We have customers in all industrial sectors who need to protect themselves from the risk of fire or explosions from dust and / or gas so we can also protect your production site.

If you need explosion-proof equipment, you want to protect plant sections or the entire process from the risk of explosion, we are the right choice. Over the years we have acquired a lot of experience with different types of processes so we know them thoroughly and with a pragmatic and convenient approach, we offer different solutions:

  • Make sure that an explosion does not spread to other installations;

  • Protection of your staff and the environment from the effects of gas and dust explosions;

  • Explosion protection and support;

At StuvEx, we don’t just protect you from explosions but we support you technically on how to use the equipment and on the design of the entire system. We take care of risk analysis, detailed electrical and mechanical engineering, resistance analysis, positively impacting your budget, so that you can focus on your work.

For any information about our products or our services, contact us!

Range of products:

  • Earthing

  • StuVent

  • FlameCatcher

  • Ventex

  • NOVEx

  • FSGV

An explosion vent is an ATEX ‘safety system’ for the venting of explosion pressure. Its efficient functioning as a safety system depends on the right venting area and the correct positioning on the process equipment. See also EN 14491. 


  • Suitable both for dust and gas explosions

  • 100% efficiency

  • Usable with underpressure and overpressure

  • Simple and fast mounting

  • Smooth interior surface eliminates 'dead corners'

  •  Also available with thermal insulation in high temperature version

Flame Catcher:
In case of an explosion, the Flame Catcher prevents flames from propagating beyond the Flame Catcher. 


  • Complies with EN 16009:2011

  • Casing available in carbon or stainless steel or aluminium

  • Easy to install

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Flame arrestor mesh available in packs for easy replacement

Truck Earthing:
Loading and unloading of tanker trucks with liquids or powders can generate static electricity that could cause sparks discharging.


  • The Truck Earthing System TES01 consists of a control unit, an earth clamp and a cable or cable reel.

  • Safe electrostatic discharging of trucks

  • Permanent electrical resistance control

  • Recognition of truck capacitance

  • High visibility signaling LEDs

  • Voltage free contact to PLC, pump, ...

  • Power supply 100-240 V AC or 24 V DC standard

  • Conforms to IEC 60079-32-1:2013 and NFPA77:2014

  • Plug and play

  • Available in gas (EX) or dust (IP) version

Fast Shutting Gate Valve:
RSV fast shutting gate valves prevent propagation of dust explosions by blocking the shock wave and flame. RSV fast shutting gate valves are active valves closing in a matter of milliseconds when triggered by a spark or explosion detector.


  • Certified for dust including metallic and organic dust, gas or hybrid mixtures

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Can be mounted in all directions

  • No obstruction to the process, suited for flows in excess of 25 m.s-1

  • Optional position indicators available

The NOVEX series is a protective system consists of passive non-return flap valves for the explosion isolation of combustible dust. The main application for the NOVEX valves is for explosion isolation on pipelines at inlet of dedusting filters operating under vacuum and protected by autonomous explosion vent panels.


  • Available from DN71 to DN1000.

  • Automatic locking of the valve in the closed position in case of explosion.

  • Painted carbon steel (MS) or stainless steel (SS) 304 finish

  • Pred max 1 or 2 bar, depending on DN and type of dust

  • Organic or metal dust St3 Kst max 440 bar.m / s 

Ventex explosion isolation valves prevent propagation of dust explosions by blocking the shock wave and flame front.  Ventex valves are passive valves meaning they will close without requiring any external input.


  • Certified for metallic and organic dust, gas or hybrid mixtures

  • Stainless steel internal parts

  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically (option)

  • Easy to maintain

  • ANSI flanges available on request

  • Housing in coated or stainless steel

  • Easy to reset following an activation

  • Optional position indicators available


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