Stokvis Tapes

Stokvis Tapes Poland is part of the ITW Illinois Tool Works company, included in the largest American companies on the Fortune 500 list. We are an independent manufacturer and distributor with a global reach, focused on providing local support to our clients. Currently, the Group owns 16 manufacturing facilities worldwide and 18 sales offices. Our core markets include Europe, North America, China and India.

We provide innovative, customer-tailored and high-quality solutions directly to OEMs and TIER 1 or TIER 2. We are gradually expanding our manufacturing lines and range of raw materials to service the automotive industry, with a focus on E-Mobility. As a part of these efforts, we are also introducing new technologies and capabilities. Our resources include a team of specialists, quality certificates required in the automotive industry, our own laboratory and manufacturing clean room with controlled environmental condition (ISO class 8).

The continued growth of our company spurred us to build a new facility in Gdańsk, Poland, where we will move all our production lines and extend the existing clean room by 2022.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and development, dedication and many years of experience in the automotive industry allow us to provide cost effective, reliable and optimized solutions in line with market requirements.

Our core production processes include: die cutting using presses and rotary machines, laminating, longitudinal cutting, rewinding, printing, thermoforming of 3D shapes, ultrasonic and heat welding, plotter cutting and many more. All available technologies are appropriate for the processed materials, including elastic foams, felts, non-woven fabrics, TIMs, adhesive tapes and many other products from our portfolio.

To meet the expectations of battery manufacturers in the automotive sector and the requirements of various types of energy storage systems, Stokvis Tapes Poland offers a number of interesting solutions. Currently, we deliver our products directly to the following organizations: Daimler, Volkswagen, Volvo and as a part of the supply chain to: BMW, Stellantis, Renault, JLR, Tesla and their sub-contractors. 

Our leading product groups directly related to the E-Mobility sector are presented on the left.


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