Step moulding technology for O-rings

Paul Boughton

"Well it’s certainly bigger, but it’s not yet the biggest," commented Eric Marchesi, CEO of OringOne, following his firm’s production of a 2,730 x 40 mm compression-moulded O-Ring in silicone for the US market. 

But what kind of process makes such large dimensions possible? Big moulds and huge machines, perhaps? "The OringOne production process is actually something very innovative,” explains Marchesi. “Essentially, it is a traditional compression-moulding system. But with a brand new concept of the common procedures, some great ideas and a deep knowledge of the material's natures, we have achieved something incredible."

The production system is based on a step-moulding technology that, using tools and a machine designed, built and tested specifically for this purpose, enables the company to produce O-Rings with huge dimensions (the biggest made thus far was 8,105 mm and the biggest available cross section is 40 mm) with the same mechanical characteristics as those with standard dimensions.

"Everything that we're able to do today is the result of years of research, tests and, of course, failures, but at the end we found out that the compression-moulding system that we're used to is not as limited as it first seems,” says Marchesi. “We developed a procedure in which rubber materials are moulded with different dimensions by the cross section and the internal diameter, with endless possibilities in combinations."

And that's not all. Customers that need O-rings of particular dimensions, in small quantities or even just one piece, can take advantage of this system because with the ‘unlimited tools in one’ approach, OringOne can make every imaginable dimension without charging for the mould building. Benefits are also seen in the finished product, where quality – which is checked throughout the process – guarantees on all products tolerances on dimensions and superficial defects in accordance with ISO 3601-1 and 3601-3.

"We also studied and realised a fast production line based on this technology, with which we can ensure customers receive the ordered pieces in four, seven, 10 or even just a couple of days. Our system allows us to respond to all our customers' needs and solves any emergencies," adds Marchesi.

The OringOne production process adds great value to one of the most simple but well used products in a variety of industries. The process is at the forefront of sealing technology advances and will lead the way in the production of custom sized, non-standard and huge dimension O-rings.

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