Steatite Ltd

A leader in the design and manufacture of custom battery pack solutions.

Steatite has many operating divisions providing Industrial and Rugged Mobile computing platforms and integrated Battery solutions, including custom lithium batteries, for customers who demand high performance and reliability in mission critical and harsh operating environments. A market leader since 1938, Steatite's success comes from our passion and commitment to deliver high quality and reliable electronic products and services customised to your precise requirements. We place a particular emphasis on providing solutions that are built to last, and that can perform in some of the world’s most demanding operating environments.

Products range from custom battery packs, electronic components, a full range of rugged mobile computers, fixed industrial computer hardware and custom embedded software solutions as well as RF Antennas and Microwave Products. With the ability to design and manufacture bespoke units to exact customer requirements, Steatite solutions are built for reliability in extreme conditions.

Steatite has established a reputation as the premier European supplier of lithium battery power solutions for the Oil & Gas, Oceanographic and Monitoring markets. Specializing in Custom Lithium-Ion & Lithium Primary battery packs Steatite has extensive experience with high temperature battery packs. Steatite design and build battery packs to perform in some of the world’s harshest environments and supply battery packs to Oil & Gas service companies and OEM equipment manufacturers. Steatite offer both UN approved battery packs and custom design solutions.

Steatite has over 30 Years’ experience serving the down hole drilling, Pipeline inspection, logging and monitoring companies offering services and products which include:

  • High temperature lithium battery packs operating up to 225° C

  • Batteries for the offshore and onshore down hole market, Oceanographic and Defence industries

  • A Wide range of battery packs that are UN approved suitable for worldwide transportation designed for industry standard tools.

  • A Channel partner for the world’s leading cell manufacturers

  • Battery packs for Exploration , Critical Monitoring and Energy Storage

  • Custom Engineered Battery Packs and full design capability of Battery management and safety systems

  • Full range of BAT down hole battery packs for logging tools

  • Working Knowledge of Local shipping companies, legislation and customs, DG paperwork for shipping lithium battery packs

Recent news includes the announcement of a consortium led by Steatite securing collaborative funding of £1.1 million towards the research and development of the next generation of Lithium Batteries for Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS). The project aims to produce a battery pack that will be pressure tolerant up to depths of 6000 metres suitable for use in the Unmanned Autonomous systems. The collaboration includes Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) cell manufacturer OXIS Energy Ltd, underwater vehicle designers and manufacturers MSubs Ltd and scientific expertise from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC). Working with the next generation of rechargeable lithium chemistry enables Steatite to remain at the forefront of the industry. Li-S cells are forecasted to have a gravimetric Energy density of >400 Wh/kg cells by the end of 2016, which is significantly better than other Lithium batteries.

Steatite has a proven legacy providing expertise in battery technology for use in harsh or critical application. We can work with our customer to determine the best battery to power your product. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, we operate to the highest level of Quality and Service. Steatite recognize that its customers have diverse applications in challenging environments and are able to work collaboratively with design and operation teams to provide a dependable high performance battery power solution.


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