Standalone data logger

Paul Boughton

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new standalone data logger, the NZ2DL, that combines extensive data logging capability with simple set up. 

Eliminating the need for a dedicated PC, the BOX Data Logger is easily installed in an existing system – even while equipment is running – and with a few simple settings begins logging of equipment to a CompactFlash (CF) card.

Easy to set up and simple to use, the BOX NZ2DL ensures reliable logging of the large amounts of data typical in manufacturing and production processes. It can gather data from programmable controllers over Ethernet or RS232 communications. Up to 64 PLC CPUs can be accessed, where the BOX Data Logger supports concurrent logging of different models and brands of controller.

Data can be stored to the CF card in binary, CSV or Excel formats, as appropriate. Card capacities up to 8GB are supported and, when replacing a card, data is temporarily saved to the BOX data logger’s internal memory, allowing the collection of data to continue without interruption.

For long term data storage, logged data can be transmitted from the BOX Data Logger to an FTP server and saved there.

With the BOX Data Logger configuration tool, users can quickly specify the required logging settings and set up reporting templates to present data reports complete with graphs and formulae. For example, a daily report with logged device values could be automatically generated at a specified time. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric’s GX LogViewer software provides a simple environment for live display and analysis of machine relevant information.

Furthermore, with connection to an email server, users can set up automatic notifications of events or transmission of saved files under specific conditions. Where required, data logging can be time synchronised with an SNTP server’s time.

Operating at sampling speeds of up to 100ms, the BOX NZ2DL can log data from a maximum of 16384 points and supports functions such as trigger logging, event logging and auto-logging.

Other features include a seven-segment LED display to clearly indicate operational status, error codes and the CF card’s remaining capacity, while the option of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) allows logging to continue without interruption in the event of a power outage.

DIN-rail mounting for ease of installation in control cabinets, the BOX Data Logger data logger provides an ideal solution in applications from packaging and automotive to medical and logistics. In packaging applications for example, the BOX Data Logger can be quickly installed to enable efficient monitoring of machine performance and logging of product quality information.

Custom reports enable information to be shared efficiently across the organisation, allowing easier monitoring of the performance of packaging facilities and facilitating better business decisions.