Stainless steel hollow bars

Paul Boughton

More than 100 different sizes of stainless steel hollow bar, from 32 mm to 420 mm outside diameter, are now available locally from global stock or short delivery times for mill manufactured quantities, from Sandvik Materials Technology.
Hollow bar material grades available include: standard stainless steel grades Sandvik Sanmac 304/304L, 316/316L and duplex grade Sandvik Sanmac SAF 2205, 316Ti (4571), while other grades and sizes available on short delivery times depending on mill quantities.
All benefit from the improved machinability of the Sanmac family of stainless steels, which do not jeopardise key properties such as corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.
The combination of hollow bar and Sanmac stainless steel means cutting speeds and feed rates can be increased, while tool wear decreases as a result of the inclusions within the material. Sulphides and oxide inclusions improve chip breaking and reduce tool wear without affecting the material’s corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Sandvik offers a dedicated cutting service to ensure material is supplied in lengths to best suit operator machine requirements.
Engineering and machining companies can make significant cost savings by using extruded hollow bar with pre-defined outside and inside diameters. This saves tooling costs, operating time and eliminates a complete operation, when compared to the use of solid bar, and also substantially reduces waste material.
With its technical expertise Sandvik can prove the case that final component performance and properties are unaffected by using hollow bar rather than solid bar.
Product and technical support from Sandvik goes beyond the supply of materials with full technical advice on the selection of material grades, tool wear, recommended tool inserts, cutting data for a range of machining applications and even coolant selection. The company prides itself in offering a complete service from raw material through to the finished machined components.
Further information on the company’s extensive range of hollow bar can be found in the ‘Sandvik Sanmac solid and hollow bar stainless steels for machining’ booklet S-02909-ENG, which also provides extensive machining data.

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