Springs across the world

Jon Lawson

Over more than five decades in business the German engineering specialist and spring manufacturer Gutekunst Federn has accumulated an extensive portfolio of steel springs and stock levels to meet every need in the market, whenever, and as soon as they arise.

Gutekunst Federn is one of the leading spring manufacturers in Europe. As well as its stock of more than 12,600 different sizes of spring, it also produces custom-made springs up to a wire diameter of 12mm. Its core competency lies in compression, extension, torsion springs and wire formings. The company delivers small and large quantities of springs for many different applications, as well as samples and serial quantities of standard and customised springs. 

The humble spring is possibly one of the oldest components in a piece of machinery and, as far as its main function is concerned, its role is always the same. However, manufacturing a spring is not straightforward and requires great technical knowhow. Of course the main function of the spring is always the same but behind the function there needs to be a great deal of experience and technical knowledge in order to meet the specifications of Gutekunst’s customers, so it’s important that the company follows a continuous programme of development both in engineering and spring production.

Gutekunst’s standard and customised springs are delivered to more than 100,000 customers around the world from its four branches in Europe. The machinery and automotive industry is a major area of activity for the company, which supplies both standard and specially made springs. 

Production is managed at the company’s three facilities: its main factory is based in Metzingen. Germany; its second German factory is located in Cunewalde; and it also operates another facility in Arc en Barrois in France. In addition it also has a dispatch centre at its headquarters and another centre in the German city of Norderstedt. Gutekunst has one of the largest ranges of machinery in Europe with more than 160 automatic spring machines producing in excess of 10 million high quality springs every day. In addition, the company has also been successful at meeting worldwide environmental legislation, such as the IMDS compliance programme, REACH as well as the RoHS directive that outlines the restrictions on using certain hazardous substances.

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