Speed control mounts on permanent magnet DC motors

Paul Boughton

Bison Gear's new Tightdrive speed control for permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors was designed for applications that require the control to be mounted on the motor. Most PMDC gearmotors and motors used in industry today require speed control in order to operate.

Typically, the control is wired to the motor through a costly, complicated cable system and the motor and control can be many steps away from each other. Bison's customer research highlighted the need for a convenient 'point of use' motor speed control that was robust enough for industrial environments, while offering practical features and exceptional value.

Bison Gear & Engineering's new Tightdrive motor-mounted speed control can be easily field-mounted on Bison PMDC gearmotors up to 1/6HP (124W) and offers a 20:1 speed range with maximum output of 90V. The Tightdrive is housed in a durable aluminium extrusion that provides NEMA 1 (IP30) protection and good heat dissipation. Speed is controlled with a combination on/off switch and speed potentiometer. In addition, three easily accessible adjustable potentiometers provide settings for minimum speed, maximum speed, and current limiting. The simple yet innovative SCR control architecture is also claimed to provide much tighter speed regulation than alternative controls.

Matt Hanson, Bison Gear's vice president of portfolio management, comments: "Simple solutions are often the best. The new Tightdrive enables machine builders to put the control, the power and the gearmotor more conveniently at the point of use, while saving installation time and reducing costs. As a bonus, users can maximise energy savings by easily changing speeds as requirements change."

The Tightdrive is designed for 115V, 50/60Hz operation and is supplied complete with a power cord and plug. Users can mount the drive directly to the motor in 90-degree increments to optimise the position of the cord exit and motor leads. The new Tightdrive speed controls are available for immediate shipment from Bison's distribution network or direct from the Bison Gear web site.

For more information, visit www.bisongear.com

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